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高考完形填空模拟题 Cloze 1 One day I was shopping in a small town in southern California.It was my 1 to be approached by a clerk whose personality clashed(冲突) with mine.He seemed most 2 and not at all concerned about my intended purchase.I bought 3 ,and marched angrily out of the store.My 4 toward that clerk and the entire establishment increased with each step. On the outside,standing by the parking lot,was a dark-skinned young man in his early twenties.His 5 brown eyes met and held mine,and in the next instant a beautiful,broad smile 6 his face.My attention was immediately arrested.The 7 power of that smile removed all 8 within me,and I found the muscles in my own face 9 responding.“Beautiful day,isn‟t it?”I remarked when passing.Then,obeying an i mpulse(冲 动),I 10 .“I really owe you a debt of gratitude,”I said softly. His smile deepened, 11 he made no attempt to answer.A Mexican woman and two men were standing nearby.The woman 12 and eyed me inquiringly.“Carlo,he can‟t speak English,”she 13 .“Do you want me to tell him something?” At that moment I felt 14 .Carlo‟s smile had made a big person of me.My friendliness and good 15 toward all mankind stood ten feet tall. “Yes,”my reply was enthusiastic and sincere,“Tell him what I said,„Thank you!‟” “Thank you?”the woman seemed slightly 16 . I gave her arm a friendly pat 17 I turned to leave.“Just tell him that,”I insisted.“He‟ll understand.I am sure!” Oh,what a smile can 18 !Although I have never seen that young man again,I shall never forget the lesson he taught me that morning. 19 ,I smile consciously,and I practice the 20 diligently,anywhere and everywhere,with everybody. 1. A.misfortune B.luck C.opportunity D.burden 2.A.helpful B.hard-working C.uncertain D.unfriendly 3.A.something B.nothing C.everything D.anything 4.A.attitude B.walk C.approach D.anger 5.A.blank B.painful C.expressive D.critical 6.A.covered B.twisted C.spread D.wiped 7.A.magic B.shocking C.evil D.dragging 8.A.happiness B.excitement C.bitterness D.sorrow 9.A.unwillingly B.happily C.merely D.slightly 10.A.turned back B.looked ahead C.cut in D.went away 11.A.and B.for C.but D.so 12.A.showed off B.stepped forward C.marched on D.passed by 13.A.hesitated B.volunteered C.responded D.begged 14.A.ignored B.involved C.transformed D.absorbed 15.A.power B.mind C.fortune D.will 16.A.frightened B.frustrated C.discouraged D.confused 17.A.while B.as C.since D.after 18.A.operate B.run C.do D.attract 19.A.From that day on B.After a while C.Every now and then D.For a moment 20.A.kindness B.art C.work D.stress Cloze 2 George selected his food in Value Mart carefully.He estimated he had 1 80 cents today.He was pleased he had got good 2 for his money again. At the exit,the freezing wind 3 him of his gloves.He was sure he was wearing them when entering-1-

the 4 .He made a search of his pockets.Then he thought they must have been 5 somewhere in the store.George had bought the black gloves for $35 ten years ago.They were leather,soft and durable.Until then,he had worn cheaper man-made material that never lasted long.His 6 to buy the gloves turned out to be good,which even 7 his position on the bus,as poorer passengers stared at him 8 . George re-entered the store.He followed the same 9 he had walked before, 10 at the bread counter,to the dairy section,to the shelf where salt and sugar were placed.It did not take long to be 11 that the gloves were not there.His 12 grew heavier.“People have changed”,he 13 .“Years ago,if somebody 14 something lost,they would give it back.” Yet he did not give up.This time he focused on the gloves on other shoppers‟ 15 .Suddenly he 16 a lady nearby wearing a black pair of gloves.He said,“Hi!”But when the surprised lady returned his 17 ,his eyes dropped to the floor,for the fingers of her gloves were too small for him. Without gloves,he had to 18 his hands into his sleeves.Back home,George was 19 .He could not do without gloves.George decided to buy another leather pair.But before that,he stepped into Value Mart again to see if by any 20 his gloves had been returned to the lost and found office.The girl looked into her drawer and took out a pair of men‟s leather gloves.“Are they?” “Yes!Mine!”George shouted with joy. 1.A.had B.wasted C.spent D.saved 2.A.quality B.value C.score D.number 3.A.informed B.warned C.reminded D.remembered 4.A.store B.counter C.flat D.square 5.A.forgotten B.taken C.dropped D.rejected 6.A.hope B.decision C.wish D.opportunity 7.A.pulled B.promoted C.reduced D.pushed 8.A.enviously B.angrily C.sincerely D.properly 9.A.road B.entrance C.gate D.route 10.A.staring B.starting C.stopping D.looking 11.A.relaxed B.ignored C.convinced D.rushed 12.A.heart B.eyes C.legs D.body 13.A.exchanged B.discussed C.whispered D.argued 14.A.picked out B.picked up C.made out D.made up 15.A.hands B.baskets C.pockets D.fingers 16.A.prevented B.recognized C.noticed D.cursed 17.A.anger B.greeting C.emotion D.description 18.A.spread B.extend C.wave D.shrink 19.A.serious B.proud C.upset D.cautious 20.A.chance B.probability C.means D.terms Cloze 3 Who do you think came up with the idea for the Paralympics(残奥会)? The man who organized the sporting events which became the Paralympic Games 1 was a doctor, Ludwig Guttmann. In his teens, Ludwig Guttmann was interested in medicine and worked as a 2 in a hospital. Then he 3 from medical school and became a doctor when he was 25 years old. Ludwig Guttmann 4 a successful career for the next few years. 5 because Ludwig Guttmann and his family were Jews, life in Germany was becoming very 6 for them. In 1938 Ludwig Guttmann 7 to the UK with his family where he continued his research 8 the best way to treat patients. The Second World War was going on and there were a lot of soldiers 9 in the fighting. Often they 10 the use of their legs and needed 11 and help. The disabled soldiers were often 12 and angry for they couldn‟t really live a normal life. Ludwig Guttmann used his new 13 to look after their injuries and he also tried to give them emotional strength.-2-

Ludwig Guttmann 14 taking part in sports could help a person‟s body as well as his mind and began to use 15 as a treatment to help his patients. He wanted to give them back their self-respect and dignity and 16 them to take part in sports. In 1948 the hospital held a sporting event called “The International Wheelchair Games”. By 1952 the event began to 17 bigger with disabled athletes from other countries attending. By 1960 the games were called the International Stoke Mandeville Games and they were held in Rome alongside the 18 Summer Olympics. By 1968 there were 750 athletes from 29 different countries. Ludwig Guttmann himself died in 1980, even 19 the games were called “Paralympics”, but there is no 20 that he is the founder and father of the Paralympic Games. It‟s thanks to his hard work that we are all able to enjoy the Paralympics. 1.A.hurriedly B.eventually C.temporarily D.compulsorily 2.A.doctor B.steward C.volunteer D.director 3.A.exited B.benefited C.suffered D.graduated 4.A.enjoyed B.accepted C.designed D.explored 5.A.But B.However C.Therefore D.Otherwise 6.A.ambiguous B.difficult C.apparent D.diverse 7.A.moved B.poured C.submitted D.flooded 8.A.of B.over C.about D.into 9.A.dying B.sacrificing C.wounded D.destroyed 10.A.made B.lost C.reduced D.lacked 11.A.treatment B.movement C.development D.achievement 12.A.exhausted B.challenged C.depressed D.astonished 13.A.materials B.experiments C.models D.methods 14.A.knew B.denied C.allowed D.approved 15.A.music B.medicine C.sports D.parties 16.A.forced B.encouraged C.allowed D.drove 17.A.seem B.go C.run D.get 18.A.yearly B.local C.independent D.official 19.A.before B.after C.until D.since 20.A.evidence B.wonder C.doubt D.problem Cloze 4 My mother is a geneticist, and from her I learned that despite our differences in size, shape and color, we humans are 99.9 percent the same.It is in our 1 to see differences: skin, hair and eye color, height, language.But also in our nature, way down in the DNA that 2 us human, we are almost the 3 . I believe there is more that unites us than 4 us. My mother came to the US from India.She is 5 enough that she got her service 6 in a diner in Dallas in the 1960s.My father is a white boy from Indiana whose 7 came from Germany in the mid-1800s. It seems 8 to admit now, but I never 9 that my parents were different colors.One day, I watched my parents walk 10 the street of our church together.They were 11 in the service that day, and as they walked, I saw their hands 12 together in unison(一致地).I noticed for the first time how dark my mother was, and how white my father was.I knew them as my parents 13 I realized their skin color.I‟m sorry to say that now when I see a mixed-race 14 walking down the street, I see the “mixed race” first and the “couple” second. When my parents married in 1966, there were 15 places in this country that had laws 16 mixed marriage. 17 , my white grandfather, 18 father had been a typical racist, was not against their marriage. Some of us are men, some are women.Some are young, some are old.Some of us are short and others are 19 .Some are right-handed, some are left-handed.We have lots of differences; we are all 20 .But deep-3-

down inside us, down in our DNA, we are 99.9 percent the same.And I believe we need to remember that. 1.A.feature B.character C.nature D.quality 2.A.gets B.lets C.has D.makes 3.A.same B.different C.familiar D.similar 4.A.differs B.divides C.parts D.splits 5.A.yellow B.white C.dark D.brown 6.A.turned out B.turned down C.turned over D.turned back 7.A.ancestors B.parents C.family D.origin 8.A.silly B.wise C.stupid D.foolish 9.A.noticed B.looked C.watched D.observed 10.A.in B.up C.out D.down 11.A.entering B.running C.attending D.participating 12.A.rocking B.shaking C.swinging D.waving 13.A.unless B.after C.before D.until 14.A.marriage B.couple C.double D.twins 15.A.always B.also C.almost D.still 16.A.allowing B.preventing C.encouraging D.banning 17.A.Therefore B.However C.But D.Otherwise 18.A.which B.whose C.that D.what 19.A.long B.high C.tall D.kind 20.A.similar B.familiar C.unique D.same Cloze 5 Last weekend,I had an opportunity to serve as a volunteer at a nursing home in another city.I don‟t have a car and even the 1 train station is far away from my house. 2 ,I wasn‟t sure how to get there. I posted a(n) 3 for a ride on the ride share board.Soon an individual I‟d never met 4 that he‟d be able to pick me up and drop me off at the station.He said he‟d wait unti l my train arrived 5 he drove away.My heart 6 and the stress I‟d been feeling disappeared 7 and thus our friendship began. I ended up arriving at the nursing home in 8 .The tiny team of servers there were 9 for the additional help.We all worked together as a team.I was glad to be a part of this and be of 10 to the elderly. That evening when my new 11 dropped me off at the station,he 12 that it was in a deserted area.So he parked his car and said,“We will wait for the 13 to come together.”I couldn‟t believe his 14 . With five minutes left before the train arrived,he 15 with me stories of his childhood.As a young boy,he 16 to sit near the edge of the railway tracks,waiting 17 for the trains to rush by with all their force.That night he waited with me as my train 18 .It didn‟t rush by with full force but I left that station 19 the full force of his kindness and generosity.People like him would always 20 me how to love and how to give. 1.A.best B.largest C.closest D.latest 2.A.However B.Therefore C.Instead D.Otherwise 3.A.excuse B.charge C.preference D.request 4.A.replied B.joked C.remembered D.pretended 5.A.when B.since C.after D.before 6.A.broke B.warmed C.sank D.changed 7.A.immediately B.gradually C.recently D.slowly 8.A.order B.return C.time D.turn 9.A.grateful B.regretful C.responsible D.sorry 10.A.interest B.service C.hope D.curiosity-4-

11.A.clerk B.customer 12.A.admitted B.heard 13.A.train B.bus 14.A.bravery B.confidence 15.A.argued B.shared 16.A.used B.had 17.A.unwillingly B.proudly 18.A.started B.passed 19.A.doubting B.ignoring 20.A.warn B.remindD.friend D.intended D.car D.kindness D.compared D.decided D.embarrassedly D.approached D.wondering D.promise Cloze 6 Elaine was a saleswoman,who drove all over the city five days a week.When all the freeway lanes were at a dead stop,she would drive quickly along the emergency lane.While driving she usually 1 on her cellphone,drinking a soda or eating a sandwich — her hands,legs and mouth were always 2 while she was driving. Last night she got 3 in Friday evening rush hour.She was going to be 4 for her date.She was already 5 when things seemed to be getting worse and all the traffic stopped.Elaine drove 6 over to the emergency lane.Soon she saw the red flashing lights in the mirror.She had to 7 her car.A good-looking officer walked up. “Officer,my boyfriend left me after he got me pregnant.I have constant morning sickness.I‟m just trying to get to the nearest store to buy my 8 .”She looked at the officer with 9 eyes. He looked at her pitifully,then said 10 ,“Okay,ma‟am.Take the first exit.I hope you‟ll be feeling better.” The officer walked back to his car and Elaine drove on.This was the second time that 11 had worked for her.She had one more thing to do before she got home.She had to mail a package.When she got to the shopping mall at 7 p.m.,no parking was 12 ,except for the handicapped space.Elaine drove right into it.She would only be a minute,she told 13 .All she had to do was 14 the post office,get the package 15 ,and pay the clerk. Fortunately,there was no 16 in the store.Everything was done so 17 that she was whistling while she walked back out to her car.Then she stopped 18 .There was an envelope on the windshield(挡风 玻璃).She opened it slowly.She knew 19 it was,but not how much it was.She screamed when she saw the 20 .A dog started barking. 1.A.depended B.carried C.talked D.sold 2.A.full B.open C.free D.busy 3.A.stuck B.hurt C.annoyed D.punished 4.A.late B.ready C.excited D.mad 5.A.satisfied B.angry C.exhausted D.calm 6.A.reluctantly B.immediately C.guiltily D.gratefully 7.A.stop B.start C.discard D.speed 8.A.gas B.ticket C.medicine D.package 9.A.innocent B.aggressive C.addicted D.proud 10.A.softly B.rudely C.strictly D.skeptically 11.A.officer B.excuse C.driver D.mistake 12.A.adoptable B.accessible C.acceptable D.available 13.A.the clerk B.the guard C.the worker D.herself 14.A.take out B.get out C.run into D.push into 15.A.weighed B.printed C.repaired D.paid 16.A.car B.line C.police D.service-5-C.neighbor C.noticed C.taxi C.courage C.discussed C.wished C.excitedly C.stopped C.feeling C.expect

17.A.quickly 18.A.talking 19.A.how 20.A.letterB.slowly B.driving B.why B.orderC.strangely C.thinking C.what C.amountD.quietly D.whistling D.that D.invitationCloze 7 We all know that regular physical exercise is good for a girl‟s body, mind, and spirit. But you can get your daily dose of endorphins from a jog around the block. So why play 1 ?The Women‟s Sports Foundation has discovered that sports offer some extra benefits for girls 2 having fun and keeping fit. Here are a few: Girls who play sports do better in school. You might think that 3 will take up all your study time. But girls who play sports do better in school and are more likely to 4 than those who don‟t.Exercise improves learning, memory, and concentration,which can give 5 girls an advantage when it comes to study. Girls who play sports learn 6 and goal-setting skills.Working with coaches,trainers, and teammates to win games and meet goals is great practice for 7 later in life. Being a team player can make it easier to work with others and 8 problems,whether on the field or in the workplace. Sports have hidden health benefits.Some benefits of sports are 9 — like improving physical fitness and 10 a healthy weight. But girls who play sports are also less likely to smoke and have a reduced chance of 11 cancer later in life. Sure,you can get these benefits from any type of exercise. But if you have 12 getting to the gym, there may be more 13 to show up and play if you know your coaches or teammates 14 on you. Playing sports builds self-confidence.Girls 15 in athletics feel better about themselves, both physically and socially. It helps to build 16 when you achieve your goals. Other 17 of sports participation include getting into shape and making new friends. Exercise can 18 the pressure.Pressure is a big part of life. Playing sports can help you deal with it, since exercise is a 19 mood-altering method and a great way to relieve stress and fight depression.Plus, when you are 20 a team, you have friends who support you both on and off the field. 1.A.sports B.cards C.instruments D.games 2.A.in case of B.in need of C.in control of D.in addition to 3.A.homework B.athletics C.assignment D.research 4.A.injure B.bleed C.graduate D.choke 5.A.pretty B.active C.clever D.strong 6.A.bravery B.technique C.ambition D.teamwork 7.A.success B.health C.wealth D.reputation 8.A.cause B.analyze C.solve D.avoid 9.A.potential B.obvious C.major D.additional 10.A.losing B.reducing C.gaining D.maintaining 11.A.getting B.suffering C.removing D.curing 12.A.danger B.mess C.fun D.trouble 13.A.challenges B.encouragementC.demands D.relaxation 14.A.concentrate B.look C.depend D.turn 15.A.exposed B.engaged C.involved D.participated 16.A.belief B.passion C.interest D.confidence 17.A.results B.benefits C.conditions D.requirements 18.A.avoid B.add C.keep D.cut 19.A.formal B.natural C.standard D.changeable 20.A.at B.on C.in D.with Cloze 8 Are you engaged in making life better for yourself and others?Do you keep a positive 1 ? Do you-6-

work towards your goals or do you just hope for the best? The way you 2 yourself says a lot about what‟s happening in your world.If you walk into a room, 3 about what‟s happening, willing to engage, and perceive yourself in a positive light, you 4 your life to opportunities. When you walk into a room with your eyes 5 , nervously smiling, you show lack of confidence, a contrary attitude, and someone to be 6 . If you realize that you‟re not 7 showing up and have a vision of what it would look and feel like when you do, you have the necessary inspiration to 8 the right choices. The choices will help you 9 for this journey known as life. There are many things you can do to 10 the life you desire. When you show up for life, you‟ll find purpose in doing what you want to 11 in life. You‟ll find places and opportunities that can give you the 12 you have dreamed of. You‟ll experience passion for living that you never dreamed possible. When you are 13 engaged in showing up, you‟ll find whatever 14 is that you need. You‟ll be full of 15 and become passionate about what is expected of you each day. There is nothing 16 than the feeling of showing up for your own life. When you do this,you become one who is more confident and who has the ability to make things 17 in your own way. You‟ll walk through the world with the 18 that you have a lot to offer and a great 19 to share it.With the knowledge, you‟ll also correct your wrong ways and move forward instead of 20 back with your talents to succeed. Show up for life.We‟re all expecting the best from you. 1.A.feeling B.mind C.action D.attitude 2.A.enjoy B.present C.behave D.help 3.A.certain B.anxious C.curious D.sorry 4.A.open B.change C.mind D.offer 5.A.off B.up C.down D.on 6.A.avoided B.escaped C.welcomed D.admitted 7.A.luckily B.possibly C.truly D.hurriedly 8.A.attend B.make C.decide D.place 9.A.turn up B.put up C.set up D.show up 10.A.live B.spend C.appreciate D.imagine 11.A.defeat B.accomplish C.control D.conclude 12.A.experiences B.stories C.trips D.entertainments 13.A.carefully B.fully C.painfully D.greatly 14.A.one B.that C.this D.it 15.A.imaginationB.power C.confidence D.energy 16.A.more B.better C.worse D.less 17.A.happen B.fly C.travel D.grow 18.A.challenge B.strength C.knowledge D.wisdom 19.A.time B.step C.desire D.chance 20.A.looking B.taking C.getting D.holding Cloze 9 For lots of people,the holidays are about helping the less fortunate. 1 than buying presents for each other,a group of friends in a Vermont snowboard(滑雪板) group like to go to their 2 homeless shelter and give them a day to 3 .They begin preparing at the 4 of the snow season by asking people who come to the mountain to 5 old winter clothing like jackets,boots,gloves,and hats.Then the group 6 the shelter to distribute (分发)the things.Says Jay,18,one of the 7 ,“We tell them,„Now you guys are coming with us and we‟re going to teach you how to 8 or snowboard all day for free.‟It‟s awesome (极好的) to know that we are able to take their minds 9 the stress in their lives for one day.” For this group,working together to help the homeless makes their relation 10 .They feel like a part of each other‟s lives in a 11 way.-7-

It may sound no wonder until you try it,but doing something for charity ( 慈善)can really help you 12 better about the whole experience of giving.That‟s because it benefits for the 13 as well as the recipient—you‟re left with a feeling of belonging and being connected. 14 to help an organization or group that fits with your 15 and the things you believe in.If you love children,buy a present for a child in need. 16 animals are your things,talk to your local animal shelter—many distribute staples like pet food to low-income pet 17 over the holidays.If you 18 a grandparent and would like to spend time with the elderly 19 out at a nursing home over the holidays.Or share a special skill.If you‟re good with your 20 ,you can help build or painting housing for people in need. 1.A.Other B.Rather C.More D.Less 2.A.hopeless B.curious C.local D.foreign 3.A.remember B.forget C.forgive D.exercise 4.A.end B.start C.weather D.middle 5.A.bring B.mend C.sell D.throw 6.A.rebuild B.take C.leave D.visit 7.A.students B.neighbors C.organizers D.workers 8.A.ski B.survive C.study D.struggle 9.A.for B.in C.off D.on 10.A.easier B.cleaner C.healthier D.stronger 11.A.complete B.meaningful C.new D.busy 12.A.live B.play C.feel D.express 13.A.giver B.visitor C.children D.officials 14.A.Promise B.Refuse C.Choose D.Answer 15.A.work B.values C.hobbies D.profession 16.A.If B.Because C.Though D.While 17.A.sellers B.bosses C.stores D.owners 18.A.visit B.become C.miss D.dislike 19.A.look B.send C.find D.help 20.A.hands B.minds C.eyes D.ideas Cloze 10 Last year,I lost my best friend in high school.It seemed that everyone else‟s life could just continue on in its 1 way,but mine couldn‟t.I wasn‟t sure how I was going to be able to face 2 and their gossip at school.I was forced to 3 my routine on Monday morning as usual.In the evening I returned home from school 4 completely defeated.All I wanted to do was 5 into bed and wallow (沉迷于)in my own self-pity.I pulled back the covers on my bed and 6 a pile of cards left by my dad.Each card included a(n) 7 that it was to be opened on a 8 night that week. I made it through that week 9 my father.Each card 10 to say just what I needed to hear.Tuesday‟s card said,“The past is painful to think about and the 11 is impossible to imagine.Don‟t try.Just take it one minute at a time.” On Wednesday my mood 12 when I read,“What you are feeling now is 13 and normal.It still feels very bad,but it is part of the healing 14 .” Friday‟s card contained a poem he wrote.The last lines made me smile through my tears.“Whatever special 15 you face along life‟s way,may you 16 that you will find the best in every day.” I was instructed to open the last card 17 the party I went to on Saturday night.In it he wisely reminded me to 18 .“The world isn‟t so bad after a good laugh.The more you laugh,the more you heal.” Each card was signed,“Love,Dad.” My world once collapsed but I 19 the difficult breakup eventually.It owed to my dad,who made his 20 known when he couldn‟t be present. 1. A.pleasant B.strange C.funny D.normal-8-

2.A.everyone 3.A.work out 4.A.making 5.A.crawl 6.A.invented 7.A.instruction 8.A.regular 9.A.in favor of 10.A.seemed 11.A.life 12.A.fell 13.A.false 14.A.content 15.A.destruction 16.A.trust 17.A.before 18.A.cry 19.A.got through 20.A.scheduleB.anyone B.meet with B.feeling B.push B.discovered B.explanation B.flexible B.regardless of B.happened B.future B.passed B.honest B.process B.competition B.guess B.since B.scream B.looked through B. conceptC.someone D.nobody C.deal with D.come across C.regarding D.considering C.jump D.draw C.created D.wrote C.presentation D.information C.particular D.legal C.in search of D.because of C.occurred D.intended C.dream D.result C.flied D.lifted C.natural D.innocent C.cure D.progress C.challenges D.destination C.predict D.succeed C.after D.till C.sing D.laugh C.broke through D.put through C.soul D.confidenceCloze 11 Long long ago,there was a small village.This village had a 1 tradition.At the beginning of every year,any boy who had reached the age of majority (成年)was given land and money to build a home.The boy had to 2 his home before winter.If his home failed to endure the cold weather in winter,the villagers could not 3 him in any way. One 4 ,Paul and Marc reached their majority.They 5 their land and money and decided to search nearby villages for ideas on building their homes.In each village,they found the nicest 6 and talked to the owners.Each owner gladly offered 7 . After Marc saw several homes,he 8 the best ideas and went back to his own land.Paul, 9 ,continued collecting more ideas.Soon he had so many great ideas that he began to 10 some of them.But he always believed he could find even better ideas in the next village. Marc began building his home.He had several false starts, 11 his home gradually rose from his land.By fall,Marc had finished his home.It wasn‟t perfect,but it was strong and he could 12 it later.Paul enjoyed all the beautiful homes and 13 with home owners.The first snow came and Paul,realizing he was running out of time, 14 back to his land.He built the best home he could in the time he had,but it was 15 .The first winter storm destroyed his home and he froze to 16 .The villagers mourned for him. Marc 17 the winter.Each year,Marc searched for other good ideas he could use to make his own home look better.He became a leader in the village, 18 a family,and lived a happy,content life. We all build and improve our own mental homes.It‟s 19 and fun for us to search for ideas from other mental home owners,but we only improve our own mental home if we actually 20 the best ideas. 1.A.strange B.hopeful C.literary D.cultural 2.A.find B.make C.complete D.buy 3.A.help B.encourage C.scold D.persuade 4.A.winter B.summer C.autumn D.spring 5.A.exchanged B.received C.recognized D.advice 6.A.girls B.jobs C.houses D.presents 7.A.rooms B.drinks C.attention D.advice 8.A.expected B.gathered C.created D.understood-9-

9.A.similarly 10.A.forget 11.A.because 12.A.repair 13.A.conversations 14.A.drove 15.A.weak 16.A.blindness 17.A.experienced 18.A.brought 19.A.slow 20.A.realizeB.finally B.believe B.although B.rebuild B.achievements B.rushed B.funny B.death B.loved B.earned B.easy B.bringC.however C.replace C.but C.sell C.struggles C.flew C.small C.sadness C.survived C.contacted C.dangerous C.collectD.furthermore D.doubt D.so D.improve D.arguments D.moved D.amazing D.illness D.spent D.raised D.special D.applyCloze 12 This is a story that can teach us a good lesson.One day,a man in rags begged from door to door along the street.With an old wallet in his hand,he was asking for a few coins to buy something to eat.He kept complaining about his bad fortune and kept 1 why those who had so much money were never 2 and were always desiring more. “As far as I‟m concerned,if I had only enough to 3 and to wear,I would not want anything more.” Just at that moment Goddess Fortune,who came down the 4 saw the beggar and said to him,“Hi,I have wished to 5 you for a long time.Now,open your 6 and I will pour my gold into it.But I will do that only on this 7 : All that falls into the wallet will be pure gold;but every piece falling upon the 8 shall become dust.Do you understand?” “I see,” said the beggar. “Then you should 9 !It‟s obvious that your wallet is a(n) 10 one,so don‟t load it too heavily,” said the Goddess Fortune. The excited beggar could hardly 11 to have gold.He quickly opened his wallet,and a 12 of yellow coins was poured into it.The wallet grew heavier and heavier. “Is that enough? Isn‟t it cracking?”asked Goddess Fortune. “Never 13 .It‟s still strong enough now,”answered the beggar. The wallet was filled with so many coins that the beggar‟s hands began to 14 .“Ah,if only the golden stream would 15 forever! Just a little more,” said the beggar,“ 16 just a handful or two.” “There! It‟s full.The wallet will 17 ,” warned the Goddess,but the beggar requested,“It will 18 a little more,just a little more.” One more piece was added and the wallet split.The 19 fell upon the ground and became dust.The greedy beggar had now 20 but his broken wallet. 1.A.showing B.explaining C.providing D.wondering 2.A.relaxed B.satisfied C.worried D.depressed 3.A.learn B.watch C.eat D.play 4.A.street B.bridge C.yard D.forest 5.A.praise B.forgive C.help D.comfort 6.A.coat B.pocket C.box D.wallet 7.A.occasion B.suggestion C.situation D.condition 8.A.hand B.feet C.ground D.street 9.A.look out B.look after C.look up D.look down 10.A.small B.empty C.worn D.full 11.A.stand B.wait C.breathe D.think 12.A.stream B.piece C.pair D.variety- 10 -

13.A.stop 14.A.spread 15.A.pour 16.A.take 17.A.flow 18.A.attract 19.A.present 20.A.nothingB.request B.close B.end B.add B.burst B.permit B.food B.anythingC.fear C.loose C.dry C.lend C.disappear C.include C.treasure C.everythingD.insist D.shake D.melt D.send D.change D.hold D.metal D.somethingCloze 13 Last year I was invited to participate in a carnival for Tuesday‟s Child,an organization that helps children with AIDS. All the children that had 1 at one particular room could paint a square on a piece of cloth.Later the squares would be sewn together to 2 a quilt.The quilt would be 3 to a man who had devoted his life to the 4 and would soon be retiring. The kids were given paints in bright colors and asked to paint something that would make the quilt 5 .As I looked around at all the 6 ,I saw pink hearts,blue clouds,orange sunrises and red flowers.The pictures were all bright and 7 .All except one. One boy was painting a heart, 8 it was dark and lifeless.It 9 the bright colors that his fellow artists had used. I asked why.He told me he was very sick and that his 10 was not ever going to get better.He looked straight into my eyes and said,“There is no 11 in my life.”I told him I was 12 and I could understand why he had made his heart a dark color.I told him that even though we couldn‟t make him better,we can give 13 ,which can really help when you are feeling 14 .I told him that if he would like,I would be happy to give him one.He crawled(爬)into my lap.I thought my own heart would 15 for this sweet little boy.He sat there for a long time.Finally he 16 down to finish his coloring.As I was getting ready to 17 home,I felt a tug(猛拽)on my jacket.Standing there was the little boy, 18 .He said,“My heart is changing 19 .It is getting brighter.I think those hugs really do 20 .”On my way home I felt my own heart.It too had changed to a brighter color. 1.A.behaved B.gathered C.prayed D.hid 2.A.fold B.dry C.spread D.make 3.A.presented B.sold C.rented D.thrown 4.A.education B.ceremony C.organization D.neighborhood 5.A.expensive B.comfortable C.beautiful D.loose 6.A.squares B.colors C.lights D.kids 7.A.negative B.puzzling C.abstract D.inspiring 8.A.and B.but C.for D.or 9.A.filled B.contained C.lacked D.showed 10.A.business B.sickness C.skill D.knowledge 11.A.effect B.loss C.justice D.hope 12.A.sorry B.crazy C.ashamed D.angry 13.A.hugs B.smiles C.prizes D.lessons 14.A.cool B.sad C.energetic D.proud 15.A.choke B.drown C.burst D.wind 16.A.slowed B.fell C.slipped D.jumped 17.A.leave B.stay C.head D.flee 18.A.smiling B.trembling C.weeping D.glaring 19.A.shape B.color C.weight D.temperature- 11 -

20.A.fitB.hurtC.failD.workCloze 14 More Than I Had Dreamed Of From the time I was seven,I had a dream of becoming a member of the student union.I always 1 my school leaders for taking responsibility for all of us.So I dreamed of being a leader. Years flew by,and soon I was able to participate in the elections, 2 I would win.But the reality struck that I hadn‟t had a chance.I wasn‟t pretty.Girls across the school hardly knew me.I just did not have what it 3 to win a school election.I was 4 . As I cried in my room that evening,I 5 took a deep breath and decided I wouldn‟t stop dreaming.I decided that I would 6 for election again in my final year at school—and I would win. I recognized that my 7 had a lot of things in their favor.What were the 8 that would work in my favor? I had good grades,and I was friendly and helpful.And my biggest 9 was the faith I had.I would not allow my 10 appearance to hold me back from putting my best foot forward.That evening,I 11 my election plans a whole year in advance. I realized that girls would have to get to know me and recognize that I had the ability to 12 them.I loved making friends and I liked being helpful, 13 I decided that perhaps I could use these qualities to work to my advantage.In order to learn how to present a great election 14 ,I also attended a course on effective public speaking. The day after the election,when the principal announced I won the second highest number of votes,the students 15 .That joy on the faces of all my friends showed me that my victory was 16 theirs. Suddenly,I realized that I had 17 much more than I had dreamed of.I had made many new friends and had helped people 18 the way.I had won the 19 and love of my schoolmates and they knew me as somebody who would stand by them.I was able to put a smile on their faces and 20 their days. 1.A.admired B.remembered C.praised D.believed 2.A.praying B.planning C.calculating D.judging 3.A.assessed B.provided C.meant D.took 4.A.concerned B.depressed C.surprised D.confused 5.A.gradually B.immediately C.suddenly D.impatiently 6.A.pay B.stand C.speak D.wait 7.A.competitors B.companions C.enemies D.schoolmates 8.A.cases B.methods C.examples D.points 9.A.problem B.strength C.worry D.dream 10.A.young B.personal C.special D.plain 11.A.began B.discussed C.announced D.cancelled 12.A.recommend B.accompany C.represent D.support 13.A.but B.and C.so D.or 14.A.campaign B.speech C.ceremony D.promise 15.A.nodded B.gathered C.cheered D.cried 16.A.only B.still C.almost D.also 17.A.accomplished B.accumulated C.devoted D.developed 18.A.by B.to C.in D.along 19.A.appointment B.acceptance C.election D.reputation 20.A.enrich B.bless C.brighten D.expand Cloze 15 You Are Going Places One day I came home from school,changed my clothes and got ready for work.I work at a local restaurant- 12 -

in town as a cashier,seater and waiter. I went to work,feeling 1 .And to make matters worse,I was busy that evening.It‟ s the same thing over and over again. 2 with customers who complain about their food and where they are 3 is too big or too small.Little things like that tend to 4 a lot of us 5 but we manage to deal with it. Three elderly ladies walked in and sat by the windows.It happened to be the very 6 near where I keep the dirty 7 in the boxes.Trying to keep up with all the dirty tables,customers leaving and coming in and 8 running all over the house,it was crazy. 9 these elderly women were watching 10 I was working to make sure every table was clean and ready for the next customers. When they 11 their meals,I took their plates back to the kitchen.They talked to me for a while about school,how I was doing,what 12 I was in and what I planned to do in the future. 13 they were leaving,they walked past me and one of them said to me in a 14 and gentle voice,“You are going places.”And that was it.They left the 15 and I had tears in my eyes,because they gave me 16 to believe in myself.They 17 my spirit from being down and gave me a 18 to keep on working hard. People used to tell me that I couldn‟t have a career in 19 until I had a degree.I‟m now a co-anchor (联合主持人) of a student-produced television 20 .And the best thing is: I‟m only 17 years old and I am a senior in high school. 1.A.tired B.excited C.up D.down 2.A.Dealing B.Helping C.Talking D.Meeting 3.A.sat B.seated C.laid D.seating 4.A.attract B.avoid C.adjust D.annoy 5.A.employees B.customers C.bosses D.employers 6.A.table B.box C.spot D.kitchen 7.A.dishes B.rooms C.clothes D.chairs 8.A.men B.women C.servers D.people 9.A.And B.Otherwise C.But D.So 10.A.what B.how C.where D.why 11.A.finished B.completed C.ordered D.got 12.A.place B.grade C.mark D.position 13.A.Before B.While C.As D.After 14.A.confident B.loud C.low D.pleasant 15.A.kitchen B.house C.restaurant D.table 16.A.ability B.courage C.imagination D.time 17.A.put down B.picked up C.took over D.pointed out 18.A.cause B.reason C.present D.permission 19.A.television B.government C.school D.restaurant 20.A.company B.station C.show D.advertisement Cloze 16 It was my first day to Miss Hargrove‟s seventh grade.Past“newcomer” experiences had been difficult,so I was very 1 to fit in.After being introduced to the class,I bravely put on a smile and took my seat. Lunchtime was a pleasant surprise when the girls all crowded around my table.They were friendly,so I began to 2 .My new classmates told me about the school,the teachers and the other kids.They 3 out the class nerd (书呆子) to me: Mary Lou.She was a pretty girl with dark eyes and olive skin, 4 she wore a long woolen skirt and an old-fashioned blouse.She looked stupid.The girls whispered and giggled 5 Mary Lou walked by.She ate alone. After school,the girls invited me to 6 them in front of the school.I was thrilled to be a(n) 7 of the club.We waited.For what,I didn‟t know.Then Mary Lou came down the school steps.The girls started- 13 -

making fun of her,shouting rudely,biting comments.I 8 ,then joined right in.Mean remarks fell from my 9 .No one could 10 I‟d never done this before.The other girls stepped back and started cheering for me.Feeling 11 ,I pulled on her backpack and then pushed her.Her backpack broke,Mary Lou fell and I backed off.Everyone was laughing.I 12 in.I was a leader. I was not proud.Something inside me 13 .If you‟ve ever picked a wing off a butterfly,you know how I felt. Mary Lou got up, 14 her books and left without a tear or saying anything.She held her head 15 as blood ran down from her knee.I 16 her limp away down the street. I turned to leave with my 17 friends and noticed a man standing beside his car.He must have been Mary Lou‟s father—he had the same olive skin,dark hair and handsome look.He remained still and watched the 18 girl walk toward him.Only his eyes shining with both sadness and pride followed.As I passed,he looked at me in silence with burning tears that reminded me of my 19 . Mary Lou‟s father‟s eyes taught me a good lesson that day.I never again hurt someone for my own 20 . 1.A.anxious B.excited C.eager D.afraid 2.A.talk B.hesitate C.relax D.suspect 3.A.picked B.pointed C.worked D.found 4.A.because B.so C.and D.but 5.A.as B.before C.after D.since 6.A.consult B.fight C.support D.join 7.A.leader B.member C.assistant D.organizer 8.A.paused B.refused C.hurried D.escaped 9.A.eyes B.heart C.lips D.mind 10.A.tell B.say C.report D.announce 11.A.ashamed B.guilty C.encouraged D.powerful 12.A.turned B.went C.took D.fitted 13.A.sank B.hurt C.touched D.screamed 14.A.tore B.closed C.gathered D.grasped 15.A.cautiously B.casually C.low D.high 16.A.watched B.noticed C.glared D.glanced 17.A.caring B.laughing C.puzzling D.satisfying 18.A.silly B.only C.lonely D.friendly 19.A.pain B.pity C.weakness D.shame 20.A.loss B.gain C.effort D.duty Cloze 17 Some years ago when I was in my first year in college,I heard Salome Bey sing for the first time.The moment was exciting.Salome‟s 1 filled the room and brought the theater to life.I was so 2 that I decided to write an article about her. I 3 Salome Bey,telling her I was from Essence magazine,and that I wanted to meet her to talk about her career.She 4 and told me to come to her studio next Tuesday.When I hung up,I was scared out of my mind.I 5 I was lying.I was not a writer at all and hadn‟t even written a grocery list. I interviewed Salome Bey the next Tuesday.I sat there 6 ,taking notes and asking questions that all began with,“Can you tell me...”I soon realized that 7 Salome Bey was one thing,but writing a story for a national magazine was just impossible.The 8 was almost unbearable.I struggled for days 9 draft after draft.Finally I put my manuscript(手稿)into a large envelope and dropped it into a mailbox. It didn‟t take long.My manuscript 10 .How stupid of me!I thought.How could I 11 in a world of professional writers?Knowing I couldn‟t 12 the rejection letter,I threw the unopened envelope into a- 14 -

drawer.Five years later,I was moving to California.While 13 my apartment,I came across the unopened envelope.This time I opened it and read the editor‟s letter in 14 : Dear Ms Profit, Your story on Salome Bey is fantastic,yet we need some 15 materials.Please add those and return the article immediately.We would like to 16 your story soon. Shocked,it took me a long time to 17 .Fear of rejection cost me dearly.I lost at least five hundred dollars and the chance of having my article appear in a major magazine.More importantly,I lost years of 18 writing.Today,I have become a full-time writer.Looking back on this 19 ,I learned a very important lesson:You can‟t 20 to doubt yourself. 1.A.joy B.voice C.speech D.smile 2.A.proud B.active C.satisfied D.moved 3.A.visited B.emailed C.phoned D.interviewed 4.A.agreed B.refused C.hesitated D.paused 5.A.replied B.discovered C.explained D.knew 6.A.seriously B.patiently C.nervously D.quietly 7.A.blaming B.fooling C.inviting D.urging 8.A.sorrow B.failure C.comment D.pressure 9.A.with B.by C.on D.in 10.A.disappearedB.returned C.spread D.improved 11.A.compare B.quarrel C.defeat D.compete 12.A.ignore B.deliver C.face D.receive 13.A.decorating B.repairing C.cleaning D.leaving 14.A.disbelief B.anxiety C.horror D.trouble 15.A.subjective B.relevant C.private D.reliable 16.A.broadcast B.create C.publish D.assess 17.A.recover B.prepare C.escape D.concentrate 18.A.energetic B.endless C.typical D.enjoyable 19.A.experience B.success C.benefit D.accident 20.A.attempt B.afford C.expect D.pretend Cloze 18 Last night I was driving from Harrisburg to Lewisburg,a 1 of about eighty miles.It was late and I was in a hurry.However,if anyone asked me how fast I was 2 ,I‟d say I was not over-speeding.Several times I got 3 behind a slow-moving truck on a narrow road,and I was holding my fists tightly with 4 . At one point along an open highway,I 5 a crossroads with a traffic light.I was alone on the road by now,but as I 6 the light,it turned red and I braked to a stop.I looked left,right and behind me.Nothing.No cars,no suggestion of headlights,but there I sat,waiting for the light to 7 ,the only human being for at least a mile in any 8 . I started 9 why I refused to run the light.I was not afraid of being 10 ,because there was obviously no policeman around,and there certainly would have been no 11 in going through it. Much later that night,after I 12 a group of my friends in Lewisburg and climbed into bed near midnight,the question of why I had stopped for that light 13 me.I think I stopped because it‟s part of a contract (合同) we all have with each other.It‟s not only the 14 ,but it‟s an arrangement we have,and we trust each other to 15 it:we don‟t go through red lights.Like most of us,I‟m more likely to be 16 from doing something bad by the social convention that 17 it than by any law against it. It‟s amazing that we ever 18 each other to do the right thing,isn‟t it?And we do,too.Trust is our 19 preference. I was so 20 of myself for stopping for the red light that night.- 15 -

1.A.flight 2.A.thinking 3.A.stopped 4.A.horror 5.A.ran off 6.A.passed 7.A.stop 8.A.way 9.A.wondering 10.A.abused 11.A.danger 12.A.met with 13.A.turned out to 14.A.virtue 15.A.honor 16.A.stopped 17.A.speaks of 18.A.suspect 19.A.only 20.A.sorryB.distance B.driving B.changed B.strength B.came to B.watched B.change B.side B.suspecting B.fined B.sign B.got over B.came back to B.suggestion B.solve B.protected B.stands by B.trust B.first B.doubtfulC.road C.complaining C.stuck C.understanding C.passed by C.approached C.turn C.city C.struggling C.injured C.time C.got rid of C.referred to C.law C.break C.rejected C.takes in C.teach C.lucky C.sureD.length D.running D.lost D.impatience D.left behind D.found D.die D.direction D.regretting D.killed D.record D.called back D.occurred to D.order D.judge D.frightened D.disapproves of D.care D.living D.proudCloze 19 It was a cold winter morning.Half asleep at the train station,I stared into the distance, 1 for the train to take me to my 2 in Boston.The world was quiet.The very few people in the street kept to themselves, 3 their steaming cups of coffee. Reaching into my pocket as the 4 was approaching,my numb hand searched for the $20 bill to pay my fare.The pocket was 5 !I searched through my bag and then I felt 6 .Unless the money dropped from the sky,I‟d be 7 there. “What‟s the matter?”A short,elderly man stood before me. “Oh,nothing...Well,I 8 my money and now I can‟t pay for the ticket.I‟m going to 9 my math class and the train is leaving.” “Here,use this.” The man held a $20 bill.I looked up, 10 .People just didn‟t do that anymore.Everyone worried about their own 11 ,rarely stopping to think about others,especially teenage strangers. “Thank you,but no,I can‟t.” “ 12 it—go!”The man pushed me 13 the train.I bought a round-trip ticket,and he refused the change I 14 to give him back.I did not know what to say—a million thoughts raced through my mind,yet I stood 15 . For the train ride I was silent.I began to see the world through 16 eyes.That man made a difference with such a simple 17 . A week later I was at the train station again,with an extra $20 18 I saw the man.And there he was. “Excuse me,sir,I believe I owe you this.”I 19 the money into his hand. Failing to refuse,he said,“Just remember to do the same for someone in your shoes someday.”I smiled,content. The elderly man is my hero.For many,heroes are famous,but my hero is a(n) 20 stranger who taught me a lesson in life.I will never forget his kindness. 1.A.watching B.looking C.reaching D.arranging 2.A.home B.class C.office D.factory- 16 -

3.A.serving 4.A.chance 5.A.deep 6.A.hopeless 7.A.blocked 8.A.wasted 9.A.miss 10.A.frightened 11.A.problems 12.A.Seize 13.A.in 14.A.offered 15.A.unconsciously 16.A.curious 17.A.task 18.A.so that 19.A.dropped 20.A.givingB.carrying B.crowd B.empty B.useless B.drawn B.counted B.skip B.disturbed B.complaints B.Get B.beyond B.managed B.silently B.changed B.act B.even if B.pushed B.encouragingC.minding C.driver C.messy C.relieved C.stuck C.spent C.fail C.surprised C.positions C.Catch C.toward C.happened C.seriously C.bright C.example C.now that C.pressed C.promisingD.making D.train D.tight D.dissatisfied D.tied D.lost D.stop D.concerned D.challenges D.Take D.on D.attempted D.uncomfortably D.widened D.performance D.in case D.placed D.respecting- 17 -


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