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2013 年模拟题 Cloze 1 (浙江高三第一次五校联考) One day I was shopping in a small town in southern California.It was my 1 to be approached by a clerk whose personality clashed(冲突) with mine.He seemed most 2 and not at all concerned about my intended purchase.I bought 3 ,and marched angrily out of the store.My 4 toward that clerk and the entire establishment increased with each step. On the outside,standing by the parking lot,was a dark-skinned young man in his early twenties.His 5 brown eyes met and held mine,and in the next instant a beautiful,broad smile 6 his face.My attention was immediately arrested.The 7 power of that smile removed all 8 within me,and I found the muscles in my own face 9 responding.“Beautiful day,isn‟t it?”I remarked when passing.Then,obeying an impulse(冲 动),I 10 .“I really owe you a debt of gratitude,”I said softly. His smile deepened, 11 he made no attempt to answer.A Mexican woman and two men were standing nearby.The woman 12 and eyed me inquiringly.“Carlo,he can‟t speak English,”she 13 .“Do you want me to tell him something?” At that moment I felt 14 .Carlo‟s smile had made a big person of me.My friendliness and good 15 toward all mankind stood ten feet tall. “Yes,”my reply was enthusiastic and sincere,“Tell him what I said,„Thank you!‟” “Thank you?”the woman seemed slightly 16 . I gave her arm a friendly pat 17 I turned to leave.“Just tell him that,”I insisted.“He‟ll understand.I am sure!” Oh,what a smile can 18 !Although I have never seen that young man again,I shall never forget the lesson he taught me that morning. 19 ,I smile consciously,and I practice the 20 diligently,anywhere and everywhere,with everybody. 1. A.misfortune B.luck C.opportunity D.burden 2.A.helpful B.hard-working C.uncertain D.unfriendly 3.A.something B.nothing C.everything D.anything 4.A.attitude B.walk C.approach D.anger 5.A.blank B.painful C.expressive D.critical 6.A.covered B.twisted C.spread D.wiped 7.A.magic B.shocking C.evil D.dragging 8.A.happiness B.excitement C.bitterness D.sorrow 9.A.unwillingly B.happily C.merely D.slightly 10.A.turned back B.looked ahead C.cut in D.went away 11.A.and B.for C.but D.so 12.A.showed off B.stepped forward C.marched on D.passed by 13.A.hesitated B.volunteered C.responded D.begged 14.A.ignored B.involved C.transformed D.absorbed 15.A.power B.mind C.fortune D.will 16.A.frightened B.frustrated C.discouraged D.confused 17.A.while B.as C.since D.after 18.A.operate B.run C.do D.attract 19.A.From that day on B.After a while C.Every now and then D.For a moment 20.A.kindness B.art C.work D.stress 语篇解读:微笑的力量是神奇的。


答案及剖析:1.A 根据下文的“whose personality clashed(冲突) with mine”可知,此处表示与这样一个 店员接触是“我”的不幸(misfortune)。


2.D 根据 2 空后面的“and not at all concerned about my intended purchase” 可知 , 该店员不友好 (unfriendly)。

3.B 结合下文作者生气地走出商店可知,作者什么也没买,因此选 B。

4.D 根据 3 空后面的 angrily 可知,此处应用 anger。

5.C 根 据 下 文 这 个 年 轻 人 对 作 者 微 笑 , 并 引 起 了 作 者 的 注 意 可 知 , 他 的 眼 睛 是 富 于 表 情 的 (expressive)。

6.A 此处表示年轻人满脸笑容,所以用 covered。


7.A 因为年轻人的微笑完全消除了作者的痛苦,所以此处应表示“那个微笑神奇的(magic)力量”。

8.C 参见上题剖析。


注意:sorrow 表示“悲伤,悲痛”。

9.B 作者的情绪发生变化之后,脸上的肌肉应是作出高兴的反应。


10.A 作者在经过年轻人时说了句“天气不错,不是吗?”,接着又返回来对年轻人说了表示感激的话, 所以选 A。

turn back“掉转头,原路返回”,符合语境。

11.C 分析 11 空前后两个分句可知,此处构成转折关系,所以选 C。

12.B 根据下文该女子想帮忙。

问作者是不是需要她做翻译可知 , 此处应表示她走向前 (stepped forward)。

13.B 该女子自愿为作者做翻译,所以选 B。

14.C 根据下文的“Carlo‟s smile had made a big person of me”可知,作者感觉被改变(transformed)了。

15.D 根据“friendliness and good”可知,此处应指好的意愿(will)。

16.D 根据 16 空前面的“Thank you?”可知,该女子有点儿困惑(confused)。

17.B 当“我”转身要离开的时候,“我”友好地拍了一下她的手臂。

as 在此处表示“当……的时候”,引导 时间状语从句。

注意:while 引导时间状语从句时,从句谓语动词必须是延续性动词。

18.C 此处为一个微笑能做到的事情感到惊叹,所以用 do。

19.A 从那天起(From that day on),作者也有意识地微笑。

20.B 微笑应是一门艺术,因此选 B。

【长难句子分析】 错误!未找到引用源。




错误! 未找到引用源。


Cloze 2 (河北普通高中高三教学质量监测) George selected his food in Value Mart carefully.He estimated he had 1 80 cents today.He was pleased he had got good 2 for his money again. At the exit,the freezing wind 3 him of his gloves.He was sure he was wearing them when entering the 4 .He made a search of his pockets.Then he thought they must have been 5 somewhere in the store.George had bought the black gloves for $35 ten years ago.They were leather,soft and durable.Until then,he had worn cheaper man-made material that never lasted long.His 6 to buy the gloves turned out to be good,which even 7 his position on the bus,as poorer passengers stared at him 8 . George re-entered the store.He followed the same 9 he had walked before, 10 at the bread counter,to the dairy section,to the shelf where salt and sugar were placed.It did not take long to be 11 that the gloves were not there.His 12 grew heavier.“People have changed”,he 13 .“Years ago,if somebody 14 something lost,they would give it back.” Yet he did not give up.This time he focused on the gloves on other shoppers‟ 15 .Suddenly he 16 a lady nearby wearing a black pair of gloves.He said,“Hi!”But when the surprised lady returned his 17 ,his eyes dropped to the floor,for the fingers of her gloves were too small for him. Without gloves,he had to 18 his hands into his sleeves.Back home,George was 19 .He could not do without gloves.George decided to buy another leather pair.But before that,he stepped into Value Mart again to see if by any 20 his gloves had been returned to the lost and found office.The girl looked into her drawer and took out a pair of men‟s leather gloves.“Are they?”-2-

“Yes!Mine!”George shouted with joy. 1.A.had B.wasted C.spent D.saved 2.A.quality B.value C.score D.number 3.A.informed B.warned C.reminded D.remembered 4.A.store B.counter C.flat D.square 5.A.forgotten B.taken C.dropped D.rejected 6.A.hope B.decision C.wish D.opportunity 7.A.pulled B.promoted C.reduced D.pushed 8.A.enviously B.angrily C.sincerely D.properly 9.A.road B.entrance C.gate D.route 10.A.staring B.starting C.stopping D.looking 11.A.relaxed B.ignored C.convinced D.rushed 12.A.heart B.eyes C.legs D.body 13.A.exchanged B.discussed C.whispered D.argued 14.A.picked out B.picked up C.made out D.made up 15.A.hands B.baskets C.pockets D.fingers 16.A.prevented B.recognized C.noticed D.cursed 17.A.anger B.greeting C.emotion D.description 18.A.spread B.extend C.wave D.shrink 19.A.serious B.proud C.upset D.cautious 20.A.chance B.probability C.means D.terms 语篇解读:本文主要讲述了 George 去 Value Mart 购物,无意中弄丢了自己心爱的皮手套,经历了一番艰 难的寻找之后,终于失而复得的故事。

答案及剖析:1.D 根据此空前面的内容可知,此处表示他估算今天共节省(saved)了 80 美分。

2.B 他很高兴又一次捡了便宜。

value 表示“(与价格相比的)值,划算程度”,符合语境。

3.C 在出口处,刺骨的寒风让他想起了他的手套。

remind sb. of sth.“使某人想起……”,符合语境。

4.A 根据 5 空后面的 the store 可知应选 A 项。

5.C 他想手套一定是掉(dropped)在商店的某个地方了。

6.B 他买这副皮手套的决定(decision)结果是好的。

7.B 就连在公共汽车上那副皮手套都能提升(promoted)他的地位。

8.A 比他更穷的人在车上羡慕地(enviously)盯着他看。

9.D 他沿着他先前的路线(route)走。

10.B 他从面包柜台开始(starting),到奶制品区,再到放盐和糖的架子那儿。

11.C 不需要花费很长时间就可确信手套不在那儿,故选 convinced。

12.A George 的心(heart)变得更沉重了。

13.C 他小声说(whispered)道:“人变了。

前些年,如果有人捡到(picked up)了某人丢的东西,他们都会 还回来的。

” 14.B 参见上题剖析。

15.A 根据上下文内容可知,他开始注意其他购物者的手(hands)了。

16.C 突然他注意到(noticed)附近的一位女士戴着一副黑手套。

17.B 但是当那位吃惊的女士回应他的问候(greeting)的时候…… 18.D 没有了手套,他不得不把手缩(shrink)到袖子里。

19.C 没有找到心爱的手套,他肯定感到非常难过(upset)。

20.A 他又来到 Value Mart,看看有没有可能他的手套已经被送到了失物招领处。

chance“(尤指希望 发生的事的)可能性”,符合语境。

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Cloze 3 (江苏盐城四校高三阶段调研) Who do you think came up with the idea for the Paralympics(残奥会)? The man who organized the sporting events which became the Paralympic Games 1 was a doctor, Ludwig Guttmann. In his teens, Ludwig Guttmann was interested in medicine and worked as a 2 in a hospital. Then he 3 from medical school and became a doctor when he was 25 years old. Ludwig Guttmann 4 a successful career for the next few years. 5 because Ludwig Guttmann and his family were Jews, life in Germany was becoming very 6 for them. In 1938 Ludwig Guttmann 7 to the UK with his family where he continued his research 8 the best way to treat patients. The Second World War was going on and there were a lot of soldiers 9 in the fighting. Often they 10 the use of their legs and needed 11 and help. The disabled soldiers were often 12 and angry for they couldn‟t really live a normal life. Ludwig Guttmann used his new 13 to look after their injuries and he also tried to give them emotional strength. Ludwig Guttmann 14 taking part in sports could help a person‟s body as well as his mind and began to use 15 as a treatment to help his patients. He wanted to give them back their self-respect and dignity and 16 them to take part in sports. In 1948 the hospital held a sporting event called “The International Wheelchair Games”. By 1952 the event began to 17 bigger with disabled athletes from other countries attending. By 1960 the games were called the International Stoke Mandeville Games and they were held in Rome alongside the 18 Summer Olympics. By 1968 there were 750 athletes from 29 different countries. Ludwig Guttmann himself died in 1980, even 19 the games were called “Paralympics”, but there is no 20 that he is the founder and father of the Paralympic Games. It‟s thanks to his hard work that we are all able to enjoy the Paralympics. 1.A.hurriedly B.eventually C.temporarily D.compulsorily 2.A.doctor B.steward C.volunteer D.director 3.A.exited B.benefited C.suffered D.graduated 4.A.enjoyed B.accepted C.designed D.explored 5.A.But B.However C.Therefore D.Otherwise 6.A.ambiguous B.difficult C.apparent D.diverse 7.A.moved B.poured C.submitted D.flooded 8.A.of B.over C.about D.into 9.A.dying B.sacrificing C.wounded D.destroyed 10.A.made B.lost C.reduced D.lacked 11.A.treatment B.movement C.development D.achievement 12.A.exhausted B.challenged C.depressed D.astonished 13.A.materials B.experiments C.models D.methods 14.A.knew B.denied C.allowed D.approved 15.A.music B.medicine C.sports D.parties 16.A.forced B.encouraged C.allowed D.drove 17.A.seem B.go C.run D.get 18.A.yearly B.local C.independent D.official 19.A.before B.after C.until D.since 20.A.evidence B.wonder C.doubt D.problem 语篇解读:你知道是谁最先提出举办残奥会的吗?他的名字叫 Ludwig Guttmann。

他是一名医生,也是 残奥会的创始人。

答案及剖析:1.B 这个组织了体育赛事并最终(eventually)发展成残奥会的人是一名医生。

2.C 十几岁时他就对医学感兴趣,并在一家医院做了志愿者(volunteer)。

3.D 25 岁时,他从医学院毕业,成为了一名医生。



4.A 5.B 6.B 7.A 8.D 9.C 10.B 11.A 12.C 13.D 14.A 15.C 示。





1938 年他和家人搬(moved)到英国。

research into“对……的研究”,为固定搭配。








14 空后的“taking part in sports”是线索提16.B 他想让他的病人找回自尊和尊严,并且鼓励(encouraged)他们参加体育运动。

17.D 到 1952 年时,国际轮椅比赛规模开始变得更大。


18.D 到 1960 年这项赛事和官方的(official)夏季奥林匹克运动会一起在罗马举办。

19.A 他于 1980 年去世,甚至在此项运动被命名为残奥会之前(before)。

20.C 毫无疑问他是残奥会的创始人。

there is no doubt that ...“毫无疑问……”。

【长难句子分析】 错误!未找到引用源。




错误! 未找到引用源。


组织这项最终成为残奥会的体育赛事的那个人是一名医生——Ludwig Guttmann。

Cloze 4 (山东沂南一中高三第一次质量检测) My mother is a geneticist, and from her I learned that despite our differences in size, shape and color, we humans are 99.9 percent the same.It is in our 1 to see differences: skin, hair and eye color, height, language.But also in our nature, way down in the DNA that 2 us human, we are almost the 3 . I believe there is more that unites us than 4 us. My mother came to the US from India.She is 5 enough that she got her service 6 in a diner in Dallas in the 1960s.My father is a white boy from Indiana whose 7 came from Germany in the mid-1800s. It seems 8 to admit now, but I never 9 that my parents were different colors.One day, I watched my parents walk 10 the street of our church together.They were 11 in the service that day, and as they walked, I saw their hands 12 together in unison(一致地).I noticed for the first time how dark my mother was, and how white my father was.I knew them as my parents 13 I realized their skin color.I‟m sorry to say that now when I see a mixed-race 14 walking down the street, I see the “mixed race” first and the “couple” second. When my parents married in 1966, there were 15 places in this country that had laws 16 mixed marriage. 17 , my white grandfather, 18 father had been a typical racist, was not against their marriage. Some of us are men, some are women.Some are young, some are old.Some of us are short and others are 19 .Some are right-handed, some are left-handed.We have lots of differences; we are all 20 .But deep down inside us, down in our DNA, we are 99.9 percent the same.And I believe we need to remember that. 1.A.feature B.character C.nature D.quality 2.A.gets B.lets C.has D.makes 3.A.same B.different C.familiar D.similar 4.A.differs B.divides C.parts D.splits 5.A.yellow B.white C.dark D.brown-5-

6.A.turned out B.turned down C.turned over D.turned back 7.A.ancestors B.parents C.family D.origin 8.A.silly B.wise C.stupid D.foolish 9.A.noticed B.looked C.watched D.observed 10.A.in B.up C.out D.down 11.A.entering B.running C.attending D.participating 12.A.rocking B.shaking C.swinging D.waving 13.A.unless B.after C.before D.until 14.A.marriage B.couple C.double D.twins 15.A.always B.also C.almost D.still 16.A.allowing B.preventing C.encouraging D.banning 17.A.Therefore B.However C.But D.Otherwise 18.A.which B.whose C.that D.what 19.A.long B.high C.tall D.kind 20.A.similar B.familiar C.unique D.same 语篇解读:我妈妈是一名遗传学家,从她那里我获知尽管我们人类有好多不同,但在 DNA 方面来看我 们几乎是没什么区别的。

答案及剖析:1.C nature“本性,本质”,并且下句的 But also in our nature 也是暗示。

2.D make 使成为。

根据本句句意“……使我们成为人类”,可知答案应选 D。

3.A 从 But also in our nature 来看是对上文的转折,并且文章最后一段倒数第二句也是暗示。

4.B 从前面的 unites 可以看出是 divides。

5.C 根据本句句意可知是因为我妈妈的皮肤太黑以致达拉斯的小餐馆拒绝为她服务。

也可从 “I noticed for the first time how dark my mother was”一句判断答案。

6.B turn down“拒绝”, turn out“结果是,生产”, turn over“翻身,发动,移交”, turn back“往回走”。

7.A 从 came from Germany in the mid-1800s 可知应该是我父亲的祖先在十九世纪中叶从德国移民 到美国。

8.A silly 傻的,可笑的,foolish 愚蠢的,根据句意是当时我从来没有注意到我父母不同的肤色,这很傻, 很可笑。

所以答案选 A。

9.A notice 注意到。

watch 和 observe 的意思是观察,不合句意。

10.D walk down the street 是惯用法,意思为“沿街散步”。

11.D participate in 参加。

attend 为及物动词,后面不加介词。

12.C 我看到他们手拉手一起摇摆,所以选 C。

13.C before 在……之前。

14.B 夫妇,常用 couple。


15.D still 仍然。


16.D ban 表示法律禁止,从下句也可看出。

17.B however 表转折。

从 was not against 可知与上文是转折关系。

18.B 定语从句,表所有。


19.C tall 在这里与 short 对比。

20.C 根据句意:我们有许许多多的差异;我们都是独一无二的,可知答案。

Cloze 5 (天津滨海新区高三上诊断) Last weekend,I had an opportunity to serve as a volunteer at a nursing home in another city.I don‟t have a car and even the 1 train station is far away from my house. 2 ,I wasn‟t sure how to get there. I posted a(n) 3 for a ride on the ride share board.Soon an individual I‟d never met 4 that he‟d be able to pick me up and drop me off at the station.He said he‟d wait until my train arrived 5 he drove away.My heart 6 and the stress I‟d been feeling disappeared 7 and thus our friendship began. I ended up arriving at the nursing home in 8 .The tiny team of servers there were 9 for the-6-

additional help.We all worked together as a team.I was glad to be a part of this and be of 10 to the elderly. That evening when my new 11 dropped me off at the station,he 12 that it was in a deserted area.So he parked his car and said,“We will wait for the 13 to come together.”I couldn‟t believe his 14 . With five minutes left before the train arrived,he 15 with me stories of his childhood.As a young boy,he 16 to sit near the edge of the railway tracks,waiting 17 for the trains to rush by with all their force.That night he waited with me as my train 18 .It didn‟t rush by with full force but I left that station 19 the full force of his kindness and generosity.People like him would always 20 me how to love and how to give. 1.A.best B.largest C.closest D.latest 2.A.However B.Therefore C.Instead D.Otherwise 3.A.excuse B.charge C.preference D.request 4.A.replied B.joked C.remembered D.pretended 5.A.when B.since C.after D.before 6.A.broke B.warmed C.sank D.changed 7.A.immediately B.gradually C.recently D.slowly 8.A.order B.return C.time D.turn 9.A.grateful B.regretful C.responsible D.sorry 10.A.interest B.service C.hope D.curiosity 11.A.clerk B.customer C.neighbor D.friend 12.A.admitted B.heard C.noticed D.intended 13.A.train B.bus C.taxi D.car 14.A.bravery B.confidence C.courage D.kindness 15.A.argued B.shared C.discussed D.compared 16.A.used B.had C.wished D.decided 17.A.unwillingly B.proudly C.excitedly D.embarrassedly 18.A.started B.passed C.stopped D.approached 19.A.doubting B.ignoring C.feeling D.wondering 20.A.warn B.remind C.expect D.promise 语篇解读:作者去另外一座城市当志愿者,苦于交通不便,于是发帖求助。


这 位新朋友不但把作者送到了火车站,而且还陪伴作者等火车,并把他童年的经历告诉了作者。

答案及剖析:1.C 作者自己没有汽车,甚至最近的(closest)火车站离作者住的地方也很远。

2.B 因此(Therefore),作者拿不准自己该怎样去那里。

3.D 作者发帖子请求(request)搭车。

4.A 作者从未见过的一个人答复(replied)说他能够让作者搭载并将作者送到火车站。

5.D 他说他会等到作者的火车到达之后才开车离开。


6.B 当时作者的心暖暖的。

warm 为不及物动词,意为“变暖”,符合语境。

7.A 作者一直以来的压力感马上消失了。


8.C 作者最后及时赶到了那家养老院。

in time“及时”,符合语境。

in order“妥当,适宜”;in return“作为 回报”;in turn“依次,轮流”。

9.A 那里的服务人员对这种额外的帮助非常感激。


10.B 能够成为这个团队的一员并且能够帮助老年人,作者很高兴。

be of service to sb.“对某人有帮 助”,是固定短语。

11.D 那天晚上,作者新结交的朋友(friend)把作者送到了车站。

第 7 空后的 friendship 是线索提示。

12.C 作者的新朋友注意到车站处于荒凉的地区。


13.A 此处指的是他们两个人一起等火车(train)。

5 空前的 my train 是线索提示。

14.D 作者有点儿不相信他的好意。



19 空后面的 kindness 也是线-7-


15.B 他告诉(shared)了作者自己童年的经历。

16.A 他小时候常常坐在铁路轨道边附近,兴奋地(excitedly)等着火车全力驶过。

used to“过去经常发 生”,符合语境。

17.C 参见上题剖析。

18.D 那天晚上,他和作者一起等着作者的火车靠近(approached)。

19.C 火车并没有全力驶过,但是作者离开车站时,感受(feeling)到了他善意与慷慨的全部力量。

20.B 像他那样的人总是会提醒(remind)作者怎样去爱,怎样去给予。

【疑难词汇解读】 individual ①n.个人 He is an unimaginative individual who does everything by the book. 他是个一切照章办事,缺乏想象力的人。

②adj.一个人的; 独特的; 个别的 After all,individual strength is limited. 个人的力量毕竟是有限的。

The teacher might suddenly address individual students at random. 老师可能随意突然地与个别学生谈话。

【长难句子分析】 错误!未找到引用源。





Cloze 6 (荆州高中毕业班质量检查) Elaine was a saleswoman,who drove all over the city five days a week.When all the freeway lanes were at a dead stop,she would drive quickly along the emergency lane.While driving she usually 1 on her cellphone,drinking a soda or eating a sandwich — her hands,legs and mouth were always 2 while she was driving. Last night she got 3 in Friday evening rush hour.She was going to be 4 for her date.She was already 5 when things seemed to be getting worse and all the traffic stopped.Elaine drove 6 over to the emergency lane.Soon she saw the red flashing lights in the mirror.She had to 7 her car.A good-looking officer walked up. “Officer,my boyfriend left me after he got me pregnant.I have constant morning sickness.I‟m just trying to get to the nearest store to buy my 8 .”She looked at the officer with 9 eyes. He looked at her pitifully,then said 10 ,“Okay,ma‟am.Take the first exit.I hope you‟ll be feeling better.” The officer walked back to his car and Elaine drove on.This was the second time that 11 had worked for her.She had one more thing to do before she got home.She had to mail a package.When she got to the shopping mall at 7 p.m.,no parking was 12 ,except for the handicapped space.Elaine drove right into it.She would only be a minute,she told 13 .All she had to do was 14 the post office,get the package 15 ,and pay the clerk. Fortunately,there was no 16 in the store.Everything was done so 17 that she was whistling while she walked back out to her car.Then she stopped 18 .There was an envelope on the windshield(挡风 玻璃).She opened it slowly.She knew 19 it was,but not how much it was.She screamed when she saw the 20 .A dog started barking. 1.A.depended B.carried C.talked D.sold-8-

2.A.full B.open C.free D.busy 3.A.stuck B.hurt C.annoyed D.punished 4.A.late B.ready C.excited D.mad 5.A.satisfied B.angry C.exhausted D.calm 6.A.reluctantly B.immediately C.guiltily D.gratefully 7.A.stop B.start C.discard D.speed 8.A.gas B.ticket C.medicine D.package 9.A.innocent B.aggressive C.addicted D.proud 10.A.softly B.rudely C.strictly D.skeptically 11.A.officer B.excuse C.driver D.mistake 12.A.adoptable B.accessible C.acceptable D.available 13.A.the clerk B.the guard C.the worker D.herself 14.A.take out B.get out C.run into D.push into 15.A.weighed B.printed C.repaired D.paid 16.A.car B.line C.police D.service 17.A.quickly B.slowly C.strangely D.quietly 18.A.talking B.driving C.thinking D.whistling 19.A.how B.why C.what D.that 20.A.letter B.order C.amount D.invitation 语篇解读:本文主要讲述了女推销员 Elaine 在晚上回家的途中发生的事情。

答案及剖析:1.C 她在开车时通常打电话、喝苏打汽水或吃三明治。

talk(to sb.)on one‟s cellphone 意 为“用手机(和某人)通话”。

2.D 在开车时她的手、腿和嘴巴总是闲不住。


3.A 昨晚她赶上了周五晚上的交通高峰期。

get stuck in 意为“陷入……”。

4.A 她要约会迟到了。

be late for“迟到”,符合语境。

5.B 就在事情似乎变得更糟糕,所有的交通都停止的时候,她已经生气了。


6.B Elaine 立即(immediately)将车开上应急车道。

此空与文章第一段第二句中的 quickly 相呼应。

7.A 她不得不将车停(stop)下。

8.C 她说她只是想到最近的商店买点儿药(medicine)。

9.A 她用无辜的(innocent)眼神望着那名警官。

10.A 他满怀同情地看着她,温和地(softly)说:“那行,女士。



” 11.B 这是那个借口(excuse)第二次奏效了。

12.D 当她晚上 7 点钟到达购物广场的时候,除了残疾人专区外,已没有可供使用的(available)泊车 位。

13.D 她告诉自己,只会停一分钟。

反身代词 herself 在此作 told 的宾语。

14.C 她要做的就是跑进(run into)邮局,将包裹称重(weighed),并付钱给工作人员。

15.A 参见上题剖析。

16.B 幸运的是,不需要排队。


17.A 一切都做得很快(quickly)以至于她往回走向汽车时竟吹起了口哨。

18.D 她停止吹口哨(whistling)。

19.C 她知道那是什么(what),但她不知道是多少。

20.C 当她看到罚单上的金额(amount)时,她尖叫起来。

【长难句子分析】 错误!未找到引用源。




错误! 未找到引用源。


Cloze 7 (江苏淮安新马高中高考调研)-9-

We all know that regular physical exercise is good for a girl‟s body, mind, and spirit. But you can get your daily dose of endorphins from a jog around the block. So why play 1 ?The Women‟s Sports Foundation has discovered that sports offer some extra benefits for girls 2 having fun and keeping fit. Here are a few: Girls who play sports do better in school. You might think that 3 will take up all your study time. But girls who play sports do better in school and are more likely to 4 than those who don‟t.Exercise improves learning, memory, and concentration,which can give 5 girls an advantage when it comes to study. Girls who play sports learn 6 and goal-setting skills.Working with coaches,trainers, and teammates to win games and meet goals is great practice for 7 later in life. Being a team player can make it easier to work with others and 8 problems,whether on the field or in the workplace. Sports have hidden health benefits.Some benefits of sports are 9 — like improving physical fitness and 10 a healthy weight. But girls who play sports are also less likely to smoke and have a reduced chance of 11 cancer later in life. Sure,you can get these benefits from any type of exercise. But if you have 12 getting to the gym, there may be more 13 to show up and play if you know your coaches or teammates 14 on you. Playing sports builds self-confidence.Girls 15 in athletics feel better about themselves, both physically and socially. It helps to build 16 when you achieve your goals. Other 17 of sports participation include getting into shape and making new friends. Exercise can 18 the pressure.Pressure is a big part of life. Playing sports can help you deal with it, since exercise is a 19 mood-altering method and a great way to relieve stress and fight depression.Plus, when you are 20 a team, you have friends who support you both on and off the field. 1.A.sports B.cards C.instruments D.games 2.A.in case of B.in need of C.in control of D.in addition to 3.A.homework B.athletics C.assignment D.research 4.A.injure B.bleed C.graduate D.choke 5.A.pretty B.active C.clever D.strong 6.A.bravery B.technique C.ambition D.teamwork 7.A.success B.health C.wealth D.reputation 8.A.cause B.analyze C.solve D.avoid 9.A.potential B.obvious C.major D.additional 10.A.losing B.reducing C.gaining D.maintaining 11.A.getting B.suffering C.removing D.curing 12.A.danger B.mess C.fun D.trouble 13.A.challenges B.encouragementC.demands D.relaxation 14.A.concentrate B.look C.depend D.turn 15.A.exposed B.engaged C.involved D.participated 16.A.belief B.passion C.interest D.confidence 17.A.results B.benefits C.conditions D.requirements 18.A.avoid B.add C.keep D.cut 19.A.formal B.natural C.standard D.changeable 20.A.at B.on C.in D.with 语篇解读:这是一篇说明文,主要介绍了女孩参加体育活动的好处,比如可以培养自信、学会团队合作 以及可以减轻压力等。

答案及剖析:1.A 上文提到了“regular physical exercise”,因此这里表示我们为什么进行体育锻炼? 2.D 根据文中的 offer some extra benefits for girls(为女孩提供一些额外的好处),以及 having fun and keeping fit.Here are a few 可知,体育运动除了使女孩获得乐趣和保持健康外还有其他的好处,故选 D。

3.B 结合后面的 take up all your study time(占据你所有的学习时间)可知,此处表示你可能认为体育 运动会耽误学习。

- 10 -

4.C 由上文提到的 girls who play sports do better in school(进行体育锻炼的女孩往往学习更好)可知, 此处表示更容易毕业,故选 C。

5.B 上文提到的“girls who play sports”指那些从事体育活动的女孩,当然是一些活跃的女孩,故选 B。

6.D 由下文中的“Being a team player”可知此处表示女孩通过参加体育锻炼可以学会团队合作等,故 选 D。

7.A 结合前面的“to win games and meet goals”可知赢得比赛和实现目标是日后获得成功的很好的 训练,因此选 A。

8.C 后面是 problems 难题,前面提到和他人的合作,因此此处表示更加容易解决问题。

9.B 上文提到了体育运动的不明显的好处 , 且与前面的 “Sports have hidden health benefits.” 中的 hidden 呼应,故此处指体育运动的好处有些是明显的,故选 B。

10.D 作者举出了“improving physical fitness and 10 a healthy weight”这些体育运动明显的好处, 故此处表示改善体质和保持一个健康的体重。

11.A 根据后面的“cancer later in life”可知此处表示那些进行体育运动的女孩们日后患癌症的几率 也会减小。

get 意为“患上,感染上”,suffer 后应加 from。

12.D 这里表示作者认为假如你去体育馆进行锻炼有困难的话,即当你不愿意去的时候。

13.B 语境表示当你不愿意去锻炼的时候,如果你知道你的队友或教练需要你,这样就会鼓励你积极 参与了。

根据语境可知 B 项正确。

14.C 因为你是一个团队中的一员,你不去的话,整个团队都无法进行训练和比赛,这说明其他的队员 和教练是需要你的,depend on sb.意为“需要某人,依靠某人”。

15.C involved in 作后置定语修饰 Girls,意为“参加”,此处指那些参与体育活动的女孩。

16.D 根据上文中的“Playing sports builds self-confidence.”可知此处讲的是关于建立自信的情况,故 选 D。

17.B 前面提到的好处是建立自信心,后面提到的这些“getting into shape and making new friends”也 是参加体育运动的好处,故选 B。

18.D 根据后文中的“relieve stress and fight depression”可知进行体育锻炼还可以减轻压力。

19.B 根据后文中的“mood-altering method”可知体育锻炼是一种自然的改变情绪的方法。

20.B on a team 表示团队中的一员,on 表示“为(某团体或组织)的一员”,故选 B。

【长难句子分析】 错误!未找到引用源。




锻炼可以促进学习 ,提高记忆力和促进注意力集中 , 当涉及学习的时候 ,这为活跃的女孩们提供了一个优 势。

Cloze 8 (山东部分重点高中高三第一次月考) Are you engaged in making life better for yourself and others?Do you keep a positive 1 ? Do you work towards your goals or do you just hope for the best? The way you 2 yourself says a lot about what‟s happening in your world.If you walk into a room, 3 about what‟s happening, willing to engage, and perceive yourself in a positive light,you 4 your life to opportunities. When you walk into a room with your eyes 5 , nervously smiling, you show lack of confidence, a contrary attitude, and someone to be 6 . If you realize that you‟re not 7 showing up and have a vision of what it would look and feel like when you do, you have the necessary inspiration to 8 the right choices. The choices will help you 9 for this journey known as life. There are many things you can do to 10 the life you desire. When you show up for life, you‟ll find purpose in doing what you want to 11 in life. You‟ll find places and opportunities that can give you the 12 you have dreamed of. You‟ll experience passion for living that you never dreamed possible. When you are 13 engaged in showing up, you‟ll find whatever 14 is that you need. You‟ll be full of 15 and become passionate about what is expected of you each day. There is nothing 16 than the feeling of showing up for your own life. When you do this,you become- 11 -

one who is more confident and who has the ability to make things 17 in your own way. You‟ll walk through the world with the 18 that you have a lot to offer and a great 19 to share it.With the knowledge, you‟ll also correct your wrong ways and move forward instead of 20 back with your talents to succeed. Show up for life.We‟re all expecting the best from you. 1.A.feeling B.mind C.action D.attitude 2.A.enjoy B.present C.behave D.help 3.A.certain B.anxious C.curious D.sorry 4.A.open B.change C.mind D.offer 5.A.off B.up C.down D.on 6.A.avoided B.escaped C.welcomed D.admitted 7.A.luckily B.possibly C.truly D.hurriedly 8.A.attend B.make C.decide D.place 9.A.turn up B.put up C.set up D.show up 10.A.live B.spend C.appreciate D.imagine 11.A.defeat B.accomplish C.control D.conclude 12.A.experiences B.stories C.trips D.entertainments 13.A.carefully B.fully C.painfully D.greatly 14.A.one B.that C.this D.it 15.A.imaginationB.power C.confidence D.energy 16.A.more B.better C.worse D.less 17.A.happen B.fly C.travel D.grow 18.A.challenge B.strength C.knowledge D.wisdom 19.A.time B.step C.desire D.chance 20.A.looking B.taking C.getting D.holding 语篇解读:本文是一篇议论文 ,作者在文章中论述了人们展示自己的好处 ,并号召人们经常展示自 我。

答案及剖析:1.D 根据文章的内容可知此处表示保持积极的态度(attitude)。

2.B 根据文章多次出现的 show up 可知,你展示自己的方式可以告诉人们很多你所经历的事情。

present yourself“展示你自己”,符合语境。

3. C 由下文的“willing to engage”可知,如果你走入一个房间,对里面发生的事情感到好奇,乐意去了 解,从积极的角度看待自己,那你的人生将会有更多的机会。


4.A 参见上题剖析。

结合四个选项可知,A 项符合语境。

5.C 结合上下文可知此处是和上文进行对比。

如果你走进房间时眼睛往下看,笑得那么别扭,那么你 就表现得缺乏自信,并且不乐意跟别人交往。

此空应填 down。

6.A 参见上题剖析。

此空应填 avoided,表示“躲避,躲开”。

7.C 根据下文的“the right choices”可知,如果你意识到自己表现得不真实(truly)的话…… 8.B 此空考查固定搭配,make the right choices 意为“做出正确的选择”。

9.D 根据本段中的 showing up 可知,此空应填 show up,该短语意为“显露,显现出来”。

turn up“偶然出 现,调大”;put up“举起,张贴”;set up“设立,建立”。

10.A live 表示“(以某种方式)生活,过日子”,符合语境。

11.B 根据上文的“you‟ll find purpose”可知,此空填 accomplish,意为“实现”。

12.A 根据下文的“You‟ll experience passion for ...”可知,你会找到地方和机会给你梦想的经历,此空 填 experiences,该词作可数名词时,意为“经历”。

13.B 当你全身心地展示自己时 , 你就会发现自己到底需要什么。

carefully“ 仔细地 ”;fully“ 完全 地”;painfully“痛苦地”;greatly“极大地”。

14.D 你就会发现自己到底需要什么。


用在宾语从句中其语序 应为:特殊疑问词+it is/was that 从句。

15.C 根据第二段的 “you show lack of confidence” 和 17 空前的 “more confident” 可知 , 此空填- 12 -


16.B 没有什么比展示你自己的感觉更好(better)。

17.A 你会变得更加有信心,并且能够让事情按照你自己的方式发生(happen)。

18.C 根据下文的“With the knowledge”可知,此空应填 knowledge。

19.C 根据语境可知,你拥有了知识,也会非常乐意(desire)去分享你的知识。

20.D 根据上文的“move forward”可知,此处表示犹豫不前。

hold back“犹豫,踌躇”,符合语境。

【长难句子分析】 错误!未找到引用源。




错误! 未找到引用源。


Cloze 9 (安徽省级示范高中名校高三联考) For lots of people,the holidays are about helping the less fortunate. 1 than buying presents for each other,a group of friends in a Vermont snowboard(滑雪板) group like to go to their 2 homeless shelter and give them a day to 3 .They begin preparing at the 4 of the snow season by asking people who come to the mountain to 5 old winter clothing like jackets,boots,gloves,and hats.Then the group 6 the shelter to distribute (分发)the things.Says Jay,18,one of the 7 ,“We tell them,„Now you guys are coming with us and we‟re going to teach you how to 8 or snowboard all day for free.‟It‟s awesome (极好的) to know that we are able to take their minds 9 the stress in their lives for one day.” For this group,working together to help the homeless makes their relation 10 .They feel like a part of each other‟s lives in a 11 way. It may sound no wonder until you try it,but doing something for charity ( 慈善)can really help you 12 better about the whole experience of giving.That‟s because it benefits for the 13 as well as the recipient—you‟re left with a feeling of belonging and being connected. 14 to help an organization or group that fits with your 15 and the things you believe in.If you love children,buy a present for a child in need. 16 animals are your things,talk to your local animal shelter—many distribute staples like pet food to low-income pet 17 over the holidays.If you 18 a grandparent and would like to spend time with the elderly 19 out at a nursing home over the holidays.Or share a special skill.If you‟re good with your 20 ,you can help build or painting housing for people in need. 1.A.Other B.Rather C.More D.Less 2.A.hopeless B.curious C.local D.foreign 3.A.remember B.forget C.forgive D.exercise 4.A.end B.start C.weather D.middle 5.A.bring B.mend C.sell D.throw 6.A.rebuild B.take C.leave D.visit 7.A.students B.neighbors C.organizers D.workers 8.A.ski B.survive C.study D.struggle 9.A.for B.in C.off D.on 10.A.easier B.cleaner C.healthier D.stronger 11.A.complete B.meaningful C.new D.busy 12.A.live B.play C.feel D.express 13.A.giver B.visitor C.children D.officials 14.A.Promise B.Refuse C.Choose D.Answer 15.A.work B.values C.hobbies D.profession 16.A.If B.Because C.Though D.While 17.A.sellers B.bosses C.stores D.owners 18.A.visit B.become C.miss D.dislike- 13 -

19.A.look B.send C.find D.help 20.A.hands B.minds C.eyes D.ideas 语篇解读:有好多人在节假日不是外出游玩或休息,而是去帮助那些需要帮助的人。

答案及剖析:1.B 根据下文可知,他们在节假日不是互相买送礼物,而是把收来的衣物等送给需要的 穷人。

rather than 而不是。

2.C 有一组来自佛蒙特州的滑雪小组,他们就愿意去“当地”一个无家可归者的住所,给他们留下一天 难忘的“记忆”。

3.A 参见上题剖析。

4.B 他们在雪季刚“开始”时就开始准备。

选 start。

5.A 他们让那些来山上(滑雪)的人把自己旧的过冬衣物“带来”。

选 bring。

6.D 然后他们去“访问”无家可归者的住所,把收集的那些东西分发给他们。

选 visit。

7.C 从他后面说的话可知,Jay 是其中的一个“组织者”。

8.A Jay 对他们说:你们跟我们来,我们免费一整天教你们怎样“滑雪”。

9.C 通过这种方法使他们卸下一整天生活的重压,好好放松,真是好极了!take sth. off“脱掉,卸下”符 合语境。

10.D 一起帮助无家可归者使得这帮人的关系更加“牢固”。

11.B 他们感到自己的生活以一种“有意义的”方式被连接成了一个整体。

12.C 做点慈善工作会让你对全部给予的经历 “感到”更好。

且根据本段尾句的“you‟re left with a feeling of...”可知选 feel。

13.A 因为做这样的好事不但有利于受益者 (接受者),也有益于“给予者”,你会感到一种归属感和被 联系的感觉。

14.C 作者呼吁:“选择”帮助那些符合你的“价值取向”以及你信任的组织机构吧。

15.B 参见上题剖析。

16.A “如果”动物是你乐意关照的对象,那就在假期去找当地的动物收养所,把诸如宠物食物之类的 东西分发给那些低收入的宠物的“主人”。

且根据下文的暗示“If you 18 a grandparent...”可知选 If。

17.D 参见上题剖析。

18.C 如果你“思恋”某个祖父母(可从该空后面的 spend time with the elderly 推知该答案),那就在假期 去某个敬老院“帮助”做些事。

19.D 参见上题剖析。

20.A 如果你擅长“手头”上的活儿,你就能帮助那些需要的人建造房屋或者刷新他们的房屋。

2012 年模拟题 Cloze 10 (潍坊三县二月联考) Last year,I lost my best friend in high school.It seemed that everyone else‟s life could just continue on in its 1 way,but mine couldn‟t.I wasn‟t sure how I was going to be able to face 2 and their gossip at school.I was forced to 3 my routine on Monday morning as usual.In the evening I returned home from school 4 completely defeated.All I wanted to do was 5 into bed and wallow (沉迷于)in my own self-pity.I pulled back the covers on my bed and 6 a pile of cards left by my dad.Each card included a(n) 7 that it was to be opened on a 8 night that week. I made it through that week 9 my father.Each card 10 to say just what I needed to hear.Tuesday‟s card said,“The past is painful to think about and the 11 is impossible to imagine.Don‟t try.Just take it one minute at a time.” On Wednesday my mood 12 when I read,“What you are feeling now is 13 and normal.It still feels very bad,but it is part of the healing 14 .” Friday‟s card contained a poem he wrote.The last lines made me smile through my tears.“Whatever special 15 you face along life‟s way,may you 16 that you will find the best in every day.” I was instructed to open the last card 17 the party I went to on Saturday night.In it he wisely reminded me to 18 .“The world isn‟t so bad after a good laugh.The more you laugh,the more you heal.” Each card was signed,“Love,Dad.” My world once collapsed but I 19 the difficult breakup eventually.It owed to my dad,who made his- 14 -

20known when he couldn‟t be present.1. A.pleasant B.strange C.funny D.normal 2.A.everyone B.anyone C.someone D.nobody 3.A.work out B.meet with C.deal with D.come across 4.A.making B.feeling C.regarding D.considering 5.A.crawl B.push C.jump D.draw 6.A.invented B.discovered C.created D.wrote 7.A.instruction B.explanation C.presentation D.information 8.A.regular B.flexible C.particular D.legal 9.A.in favor of B.regardless of C.in search of D.because of 10.A.seemed B.happened C.occurred D.intended 11.A.life B.future C.dream D.result 12.A.fell B.passed C.flied D.lifted 13.A.false B.honest C.natural D.innocent 14.A.content B.process C.cure D.progress 15.A.destruction B.competition C.challenges D.destination 16.A.trust B.guess C.predict D.succeed 17.A.before B.since C.after D.till 18.A.cry B.scream C.sing D.laugh 19.A.got through B.looked through C.broke through D.put through 20.A.schedule B. concept C.soul D.confidence 语篇解读:失去最好的朋友让作者的心情不能自已,久久无法摆脱心灵的阴影。

善解人意的父亲用几 张卡片抚慰了作者的心灵创伤,拯救了作者曾经崩溃的世界。

答案及剖析:1.D 本句中的 but 表示的是转折含义,由此可知其他每个人的生活似乎依然可以“正常” 进行,但是作者做不到。

2.A 此处与上一句中的 everyone 相呼应,表示作者无法确信应该怎样才能面对学校中的“每个人”和 他们的闲言碎语。

【技巧点拨】 此题可用逆向推导法,由上句中的 everyone 可推知。

根据上文中提供的相关词汇进行 判断和确定。

3.C 上一句提到作者不知如何面对其他人,由此可知作者被迫像往常一样去“应对”日常生活。

4.B 作者失去了最好的朋友,晚上从学校回到家后自然“感到”非常沮丧。

defeated 悲观落魄的。

5.A 作者回到家很沮丧,最想做的就是“爬”到床上自悲自悯。

6.B 作者拉开盖在床上的被子后,“发现”了爸爸留下来的一堆卡片。

7.A 每一张卡片都包括一个“指令”,告诉作者应该如何去做。

另外,第 17 空前面的 instructed 也是线 索提示。

8.C 下一段提到作者在那个星期中每天晚上打开一张卡片,由此可知每张卡片都需要在“特别的”夜 晚打开。

9.D 下文提到每张卡片都带给作者不同的感受,作者最终熬过了那个星期,所有的这一切都是“因为 (because of)”父亲无微不至的关爱。

in favor of 赞同,regardless of 不管,不顾,in search of 寻找。

10.A 这里表达的意思是每张卡片“似乎”都在说出了作者想要听的东西。

所以选 seemed。

11.B 与前面的 The past 呼应,由此可知,这里指“将来”,所以选 future。

12.D 这里指的是作者心情的好转,所以选 lift,意思是“(伤心等)消失”。

13.C 由句中的 normal 可以看出,父亲认为作者的感受应该是很正常的,所以选 natural,意思是“自然 的,正常的”。

【技巧点拨】 此题可运用语境推理法,由上文语境可知父亲对作者的感受很理解,所以父亲认为作者 的感受是很正常的。


14.B 这种感觉仍然很糟糕,但这是愈合“过程(process)”的一部分。

- 15 -

15.C 作者是因为失去最好的朋友后才久久难以摆脱心灵的阴影 ,由此可知此处表示作者的父亲鼓 励作者要勇于面对人生道路上的“挑战(challenges)”。

16.A 不管你在人生道路上面对什么特殊的挑战 , 愿你“ 相信(trust)” 你可以每天都发现最美好的东 西。

guess 猜测;predict 预测;succeed 成功。

17.A 由后一句的“In it he wisely reminded me to...”可知作者是在参加聚会“之前”按照指令打开了那 张卡片。

18.D 根据下文引号中两次出现的 laugh 可知作者的父亲提醒作者要“笑”,所以选 laugh。

19.A 作者的世界曾经崩溃,但是作者最终熬过了这段困难时间,此处 get through 表示“(使某人)熬过 (困难时期)”。

20.C 上文提到的卡片中的内容都是在抚慰作者心灵的创伤,所以作者感激父亲,虽然他不在身边,但 是却让作者明白了“精神”世界的真正含义。

【疑难词汇解读】 1.cover vt.包含;适用于;采访,报道;(钱)足够付 These regulations cover such cases. 这些规定适用于这类情况。

Jack covered the Gulf War for CNN then. 杰克当时替美国有线电视新闻网报道海湾战争。

2.sign vt.签(名);写下;做手势(或其他动作)通知 vi.签字,署名 n.[C]记号,符号;招牌;标牌 She signed the child to be quiet.她示意孩子安静下来。

The sign says “Parking Forbidden”. 告示牌上写着“禁止停车”。

【长难句子分析】 错误!未找到引用源。



Cloze 11 (宝鸡第二次质检) Long long ago,there was a small village.This village had a 1 tradition.At the beginning of every year,any boy who had reached the age of majority (成年)was given land and money to build a home.The boy had to 2 his home before winter.If his home failed to endure the cold weather in winter,the villagers could not 3 him in any way. One 4 ,Paul and Marc reached their majority.They 5 their land and money and decided to search nearby villages for ideas on building their homes.In each village,they found the nicest 6 and talked to the owners.Each owner gladly offered 7 . After Marc saw several homes,he 8 the best ideas and went back to his own land.Paul, 9 ,continued collecting more ideas.Soon he had so many great ideas that he began to 10 some of them.But he always believed he could find even better ideas in the next village. Marc began building his home.He had several false starts, 11 his home gradually rose from his land.By fall,Marc had finished his home.It wasn‟t perfect,but it was strong and he could 12 it later.Paul enjoyed all the beautiful homes and 13 with home owners.The first snow came and Paul,realizing he was running out of time, 14 back to his land.He built the best home he could in the time he had,but it was 15 .The first winter storm destroyed his home and he froze to 16 .The villagers mourned for him. Marc 17 the winter.Each year,Marc searched for other good ideas he could use to make his own home look better.He became a leader in the village, 18 a family,and lived a happy,content life. We all build and improve our own mental homes.It‟s 19 and fun for us to search for ideas from other mental home owners,but we only improve our own mental home if we actually 20 the best ideas. 1.A.strange B.hopeful C.literary D.cultural 2.A.find B.make C.complete D.buy 3.A.help B.encourage C.scold D.persuade- 16 -

4.A.winter B.summer C.autumn D.spring 5.A.exchanged B.received C.recognized D.advice 6.A.girls B.jobs C.houses D.presents 7.A.rooms B.drinks C.attention D.advice 8.A.expected B.gathered C.created D.understood 9.A.similarly B.finally C.however D.furthermore 10.A.forget B.believe C.replace D.doubt 11.A.because B.although C.but D.so 12.A.repair B.rebuild C.sell D.improve 13.A.conversations B.achievements C.struggles D.arguments 14.A.drove B.rushed C.flew D.moved 15.A.weak B.funny C.small D.amazing 16.A.blindness B.death C.sadness D.illness 17.A.experienced B.loved C.survived D.spent 18.A.brought B.earned C.contacted D.raised 19.A.slow B.easy C.dangerous D.special 20.A.realize B.bring C.collect D.apply 语篇解读:文章通过一个故事告诉我们 ,无论是精神世界还是物质世界,一些想法的寻找是简单的 ,但 是想法的运用却是另外一回事。

答案及剖析:1.A 由下文对这个传统的描述来看,这个传统很独特,所以四个词中只有 strange (奇怪的) 符合语境。

2.C 这里指的是在冬天到来前就要完成房屋的修建。

所以用 complete,意思是完成。

倒数第三段“By fall,Marc had finished his home.”中有同义词复现:finished。

3.A 倒数第三段“The first winter storm destroyed his home and he froze to 16 .The villagers mourned for him.”告诉我们,由于 Paul 修建的房子不好,被冻死了,人们都来哀悼他,但没有帮助他度过寒冬, 由此可以看出,在这一奇怪的传统中,别人是不能提供帮助的,所以选 help。

4.D 上一段告诉我们,成年的男孩是在每年的年初(At the beginning of every year)拿到一块地和资金 的,年初应为春天。

5.B 对应第一段提到的 was given,所以这里选 received 意思是收到。

【技巧点拨】 此题可运用平行对比法,因为上文提到了 was given,所以只要考生能够注意到这一提示, 那么问题就会迎刃而解。

6.C 前文告诉我们,他们要建的是房子,这是在外出考察,自然是找最好的房子和房主交谈以获得如 何建好房子的建议。

文中有多处同义词 home 的复现。

7.D 每一位房主都很乐意提供给他们(关于如何建好房子的)建议。

所以选 advice。

可以从“Soon he had so many great ideas that he began to 10 some of them.”中的 ideas 得到启示。

8.B Marc 参观了几栋房子,把房主们提供的建议搜集起来,所以选 gathered。


9 空后的 “continued collecting more ideas”有同义词复现。

expect 期待,预料;create 创造;understand 理解。

9.C Marc 开始建房,而 Paul 却仍在继续搜集如何建房的建议,两者之间是转折关系,所以用 however。

10.A 由于搜集的好的修建房屋的方法太多了,以至于都忘了一部分,所以用 forget。

11.C “He had several false starts”和“his home gradually rose from his land”之间是转折关系,所以用 but。

12.D 倒数第二段“Each year,Marc searched for other good ideas he could use to make his own home look better.”中的 make his own home look better,说的就是他所建的房子可以在建成后随时改进,所以用 improve。

repair 修理,修补;rebuild 重建;sell 卖。

【技巧点拨】 此题可运用上下求索法进行判断,要想获知选项的答案,还需读到下一段才能获得。

故 运用上下求索法是解答此类题目的关键。

13.A 第二段的“In each village,they found the nicest 6 and talked to the owners.”可知,应该选 conversations,意思是谈话、会话。

- 17 -

14.B 冬天来了,第一场雪使 Paul 意识到建房子所剩的时间不多了,所以自己便急匆匆地往回赶,所以 选 rushed,意思是冲,奔,急匆匆地赶。

15.A 由后面的“The first winter storm destroyed his home”可以看出,由于动工时间较晚,时间紧,他建 的房子不牢固,所以选 weak,意思是不牢固的。

16.B 下一句“The villagers mourned for him”告诉我们,村民们都去哀悼他,由此可知他被冻死了,所以 选 death。

17.C 这里指的是 Marc 由于建好了房子,顺利度过了冬天,所以用 survived,意思是从困境中挺过来。

18.D raise 养育。


如果把 A 项后 加上 up,也是正确的。

19.B 上面的故事告诉我们,寻找建议和想法是简单容易的,而实践才是困难的,所以选 easy。

20.D 这里指的是“应用,使用”最好的想法,所以选 apply。

【疑难词汇解读】 1.endure vt.忍耐,忍受 The old man had to endure a toothache. 这位老人不得不忍受牙痛。

2.run out of 用光,用尽 Have you run out of milk,Mike?喝完牛奶了吗,迈克? Cloze 12 (天津河西区高三第二次联考) This is a story that can teach us a good lesson.One day,a man in rags begged from door to door along the street.With an old wallet in his hand,he was asking for a few coins to buy something to eat.He kept complaining about his bad fortune and kept 1 why those who had so much money were never 2 and were always desiring more. “As far as I‟m concerned,if I had only enough to 3 and to wear,I would not want anything more.” Just at that moment Goddess Fortune,who came down the 4 saw the beggar and said to him,“Hi,I have wished to 5 you for a long time.Now,open your 6 and I will pour my gold into it.But I will do that only on this 7 : All that falls into the wallet will be pure gold;but every piece falling upon the 8 shall become dust.Do you understand?” “I see,” said the beggar. “Then you should 9 !It‟s obvious that your wallet is a(n) 10 one,so don‟t load it too heavily,” said the Goddess Fortune. The excited beggar could hardly 11 to have gold.He quickly opened his wallet,and a 12 of yellow coins was poured into it.The wallet grew heavier and heavier. “Is that enough? Isn‟t it cracking?”asked Goddess Fortune. “Never 13 .It‟s still strong enough now,”answered the beggar. The wallet was filled with so many coins that the beggar‟s hands began to 14 .“Ah,if only the golden stream would 15 forever! Just a little more,” said the beggar,“ 16 just a handful or two.” “There! It‟s full.The wallet will 17 ,” warned the Goddess,but the beggar requested,“It will 18 a little more,just a little more.” One more piece was added and the wallet split.The 19 fell upon the ground and became dust.The greedy beggar had now 20 but his broken wallet. 1.A.showing B.explaining C.providing D.wondering 2.A.relaxed B.satisfied C.worried D.depressed 3.A.learn B.watch C.eat D.play 4.A.street B.bridge C.yard D.forest 5.A.praise B.forgive C.help D.comfort 6.A.coat B.pocket C.box D.wallet 7.A.occasion B.suggestion C.situation D.condition- 18 -

8.A.hand B.feet C.ground D.street 9.A.look out B.look after C.look up D.look down 10.A.small B.empty C.worn D.full 11.A.stand B.wait C.breathe D.think 12.A.stream B.piece C.pair D.variety 13.A.stop B.request C.fear D.insist 14.A.spread B.close C.loose D.shake 15.A.pour B.end C.dry D.melt 16.A.take B.add C.lend D.send 17.A.flow B.burst C.disappear D.change 18.A.attract B.permit C.include D.hold 19.A.present B.food C.treasure D.metal 20.A.nothing B.anything C.everything D.something 语篇解读:一个沿街乞讨的乞丐遇到了财富女神 ,财富女神给了乞丐许多金币 ,同时告诫乞丐,金币掉 到地上则化为灰尘,贪婪的乞丐不听劝告,导致金币撑破钱包化为灰尘,乞丐又变得一无所有。

故事告诫人 们面对金钱不要贪得无厌。

答案及剖析:1.D 根据第一段最后一句,为什么那些人如此有钱却从不满足,还想得到更多。

可知乞丐 对此百思不得其解,“keep wondering”(一直想知道)符合句意。

2.B 还想得到更多,所以不满足,“never satisfied”(从不满足)符合句意。

3.C 由常识可知,乞丐最重要的是要解决吃和穿的问题。


4.A 根据第一段,乞丐在沿街乞讨,所以财富女神降落到大街上才能看到乞丐。


5.C 根据下文,打开你的钱包,我要给你一些金子,可知财富女神在帮助乞丐。

所以选 help 意为“帮 助”。

6.D 根据第三段中“All that falls into the wallet will be pure gold”(所有进入你钱包的都是纯金)可知 乞丐打开的是一个钱包,所以选 wallet“钱包”。

7.D 只有在这种条件下,我才会去做。

“All that falls into the wallet will be pure gold;but every piece falling upon the 8 shall become dust”代指上文提到的这种条件。


8.C 语境:每一枚掉到地上的金币都会变成尘土,ground(地面)符合情景。

9.A 根据下文财富女神告诫乞丐不要装得太重,提醒乞丐注意、当心。

所以选 look out。

10.C 结合上题,财富女神提醒乞丐当心,下文又提醒乞丐“so don‟t load it too heavily,”最后一段中告 诉我们,钱包坏了,由此可以看出,这是一个破旧钱包,所以选 worn,意思是“用旧的”。

11.B 考查动词辨析,could hardly wait to do 意为“迫不及待地干某事”。

句意:激动的乞丐迫不及待地 想拿到金子。

12.A 根据倒数第三段中提到“golden stream”可知答案。

13.C 通过乞丐告诉财富女神钱包现在还很结实,可知不要为钱包担心。

Never fear“不要害怕”。

14.D 句意:钱包装了如此多的金币以至于乞丐的手开始发抖。


15.A 乞丐希望金子源源不断地流出,四个选项中只有 pour(流出)能形象地描绘出乞丐的贪婪。

16.B 对应前文的“Just a little more,”可知,这里表达的意思是贪婪的乞丐想再往钱包中多装点金子。


最后一段的第一句话 One more piece was added and the wallet split 也有原词复 现:added。

17.B 钱包已经装满了,而且是一个旧钱包,继续装可能会裂开。

所以选 burst“破裂”。

最后一句话中 的“split”为同义词复现。

18.D 贪婪的乞丐认为钱包还能多装一点。

hold 符合语境。

19.C treasure(财宝)这里代指金币。


20.A 句意:贪婪的乞丐除了破裂的钱包一无所有。


【疑难词汇解读】 1.complain vi.抱怨,发牢骚;诉说(病痛等)(+to/about/of) I‟ve really got nothing to complain of.- 19 -


He complained to me about the food. 他向我抱怨伙食不好。

2.load n.[C]负载;担子;(精神方面的)负担;重任 vt.装,装载(+with) The load on that beam is more than it will bear. 那根梁上的载重超过了它所能承受的量。

The dockers are loading the ship with coal. 码头工人正把煤装上船。

【长难句子分析】 错误!未找到引用源。




错误! 未找到引用源。


Cloze 13 (泰安高三期末) Last year I was invited to participate in a carnival for Tuesday‟s Child,an organization that helps children with AIDS. All the children that had 1 at one particular room could paint a square on a piece of cloth.Later the squares would be sewn together to 2 a quilt.The quilt would be 3 to a man who had devoted his life to the 4 and would soon be retiring. The kids were given paints in bright colors and asked to paint something that would make the quilt 5 .As I looked around at all the 6 ,I saw pink hearts,blue clouds,orange sunrises and red flowers.The pictures were all bright and 7 .All except one. One boy was painting a heart, 8 it was dark and lifeless.It 9 the bright colors that his fellow artists had used. I asked why.He told me he was very sick and that his 10 was not ever going to get better.He looked straight into my eyes and said,“There is no 11 in my life.”I told him I was 12 and I could understand why he had made his heart a dark color.I told him that even though we couldn‟t make him better,we can give 13 ,which can really help when you are feeling 14 .I told him that if he would like,I would be happy to give him one.He crawled(爬)into my lap.I thought my own heart would 15 for this sweet little boy.He sat there for a long time.Finally he 16 down to finish his coloring.As I was getting ready to 17 home,I felt a tug(猛拽)on my jacket.Standing there was the little boy, 18 .He said,“My heart is changing 19 .It is getting brighter.I think those hugs really do 20 .”On my way home I felt my own heart.It too had changed to a brighter color. 1.A.behaved B.gathered C.prayed D.hid 2.A.fold B.dry C.spread D.make 3.A.presented B.sold C.rented D.thrown 4.A.education B.ceremony C.organization D.neighborhood 5.A.expensive B.comfortable C.beautiful D.loose 6.A.squares B.colors C.lights D.kids 7.A.negative B.puzzling C.abstract D.inspiring 8.A.and B.but C.for D.or 9.A.filled B.contained C.lacked D.showed 10.A.business B.sickness C.skill D.knowledge 11.A.effect B.loss C.justice D.hope 12.A.sorry B.crazy C.ashamed D.angry 13.A.hugs B.smiles C.prizes D.lessons 14.A.cool B.sad C.energetic D.proud 15.A.choke B.drown C.burst D.wind- 20 -

16.A.slowed B.fell C.slipped D.jumped 17.A.leave B.stay C.head D.flee 18.A.smiling B.trembling C.weeping D.glaring 19.A.shape B.color C.weight D.temperature 20.A.fit B.hurt C.fail D.work 语篇解读:文章主要讲述了作者参加了一个为患艾滋病的儿童所组织的狂欢节。

通过拥抱给小男孩带 来了希望。


答案及剖析:1.B 句意:所有聚在一个特别的房间里的孩子都可以在一块布上画正方形。

behave“使守 规矩”;pray“祈祷”和 hide“隐藏”均不符合句意;gather“聚集”符合句意。

2.D 句意:把正方形缝在一起做成一床被子。

make a quilt“做被子”。

故选 D 项。

【技巧点拨】 把正方形的画布缝起来,而且后面的宾语是被子,那么根据常识应该是做成(make)被子。

3.A 句意:把被子送给把他的一生都用在这个组织的人。


4.C 从第一段的 an organization that helps children with AIDS 看出答案。

5.C 句意:要求孩子们画上东西使被子漂亮。

expensive“昂贵的”;comfortable“舒适的”和 loose“松散 的”均不符合句意;beautiful“美丽的,漂亮的”。

6.A 文章一开始就说,让孩子们画正方形,此处指“当我看到所有的正方形时”。

故选 A 项。

7.D 考查语境题。

从句中的 bright 看出答案,bright 与后面的空内容是并列的。


8.B 从下文的 it was dark and lifeless 看出是表示转折。

故用 but。

9.C 从上文的 it was dark and lifeless 和下文的 the bright colors that his fellow artists had used 看出,该 空的词义为“缺乏,缺少”,lacked 符合句意。

10.B 从上一句的 he was very sick 看出,指他的病情,故用 sickness。

11.D 从 He told me he was very sick and that his 10 was not ever going to get better 看出,他的生 活没有希望了。

故选 D 项。

12.A 从 I could understand why he had made his heart a dark color 看出作者为小男孩感到遗憾、 难过。

故选 A 项。

13.A 我们能给拥抱,在你感到难过的时候它会真的有用。

文章最后 He said,“My heart is changing 19 .It is getting brighter.I think those hugs really do 20 .”也有提示。


14.B 结合第 13 题剖析和下文的 I told him that if he would like,I would be happy to give him one.He crawled(爬)into my lap 可以得出“当你觉得难过,悲伤时”符合语境。

15.C 我的心为这可爱的小男孩而怒放。


16.D 上文提到了 He crawled(爬)into my lap,这是小男孩跳下来完成他的画。

故选 D 项。

17.C 当我正准备回家时。


【技巧点拨】 此题可运用逻辑推理,作者参加完了这个为患艾滋病的儿童所组织的狂欢节以后,按照 逻辑推理作者下一步应该回家。

18.A 从下文的 He said,“My heart is changing 19 .It is getting brighter...”看出小男孩微笑着。


19.B 从上文 One boy was painting a heart, 8 it was dark and lifeless.It 9 the bright colors that his fellow artists had used.看出答案。

20.D 从文章中 I told him that even though we couldn‟t make him better,we can give 13 ,which can really help when you are feeling 14 .看出 hug 奏效,起作用了。


【疑难词汇解读】 1.devote vt.将……奉献(给)(+to) He devoted himself to writing.他致力于写作。

He has devoted his whole life to benefiting mankind. 他把一生都献给了造福人类的事业。

2.even though 即使;虽然 He will come on time even though it rains. 即使下雨,他还是会准时来的。

- 21 -

Cloze 14 (北京海淀区高三期末) More Than I Had Dreamed Of From the time I was seven,I had a dream of becoming a member of the student union.I always 1 my school leaders for taking responsibility for all of us.So I dreamed of being a leader. Years flew by,and soon I was able to participate in the elections, 2 I would win.But the reality struck that I hadn‟t had a chance.I wasn‟t pretty.Girls across the school hardly knew me.I just did not have what it 3 to win a school election.I was 4 . As I cried in my room that evening,I 5 took a deep breath and decided I wouldn‟t stop dreaming.I decided that I would 6 for election again in my final year at school—and I would win. I recognized that my 7 had a lot of things in their favor.What were the 8 that would work in my favor? I had good grades,and I was friendly and helpful.And my biggest 9 was the faith I had.I would not allow my 10 appearance to hold me back from putting my best foot forward.That evening,I 11 my election plans a whole year in advance. I realized that girls would have to get to know me and recognize that I had the ability to 12 them.I loved making friends and I liked being helpful, 13 I decided that perhaps I could use these qualities to work to my advantage.In order to learn how to present a great election 14 ,I also attended a course on effective public speaking. The day after the election,when the principal announced I won the second highest number of votes,the students 15 .That joy on the faces of all my friends showed me that my victory was 16 theirs. Suddenly,I realized that I had 17 much more than I had dreamed of.I had made many new friends and had helped people 18 the way.I had won the 19 and love of my schoolmates and they knew me as somebody who would stand by them.I was able to put a smile on their faces and 20 their days. 1.A.admired B.remembered C.praised D.believed 2.A.praying B.planning C.calculating D.judging 3.A.assessed B.provided C.meant D.took 4.A.concerned B.depressed C.surprised D.confused 5.A.gradually B.immediately C.suddenly D.impatiently 6.A.pay B.stand C.speak D.wait 7.A.competitors B.companions C.enemies D.schoolmates 8.A.cases B.methods C.examples D.points 9.A.problem B.strength C.worry D.dream 10.A.young B.personal C.special D.plain 11.A.began B.discussed C.announced D.cancelled 12.A.recommend B.accompany C.represent D.support 13.A.but B.and C.so D.or 14.A.campaign B.speech C.ceremony D.promise 15.A.nodded B.gathered C.cheered D.cried 16.A.only B.still C.almost D.also 17.A.accomplished B.accumulated C.devoted D.developed 18.A.by B.to C.in D.along 19.A.appointment B.acceptance C.election D.reputation 20.A.enrich B.bless C.brighten D.expand 语篇解读:文章介绍了作者为了实现能够进入学生会的梦想 ,最终赢得了选举,顺利地进入了学生会, 实现了儿时的梦想的同时,也收获了很多。

答案及剖析:1.A 根据“So I dreamed of being a leader”(所以我梦想成为一个领导者),我总是羡慕学校 的领导们对我们所有人负责。


2.A 语意为: 祈祷我能赢,但现实让我觉得我没有机会。

pray“祈祷”, 符合作者想赢得选举的心态。

- 22 -


3.D it 是形式主语,真正的主语是后面的动词不定式:to win a school election。

这里指的是我不具备赢 得学校的选举所需要的一切条件。

have what it takes“具备(成功)所需要的一切条件”,符合句意。

4.B 根据上题剖析,作者感到沮丧。


5.C suddenly 突然。

句意 : 我突然做了一个深呼吸并决定不放弃梦想。



6.B stand for election 为固定搭配,意为“参选”。

句意:我决定要在我上学的最后一年重新参选——并 将要在选举中胜出。

7.A 由语境可知,该空指的是下文提到的我的竞争对手们,也就是“competitors”(竞争对手)。

句意:我 意识到我的竞争对手们有很多事情占优势。

companion“同伴”,enemy“敌人”,schoolmate“同学”,均不符合句 意。

8.A 这里承接上文,意思是:能帮我取得优势的情况是什么?“cases”(具体情况;实例)代上文提到的“a lot of things”。

9.B 句意:我最大的长处是我有信念。

由上文的 in their favor,in my favor 可知,这里谈论的是优势,所 以选 strength,意为“长处”。

10.D 作者不想让自己相貌平平的外表阻碍自己将最好的一面展现出来。


作者 在列举长处时,没有提到自己的相貌。

但在上文中提到“I wasn‟t pretty.”可知应是相貌平平。

11.A 分析完优势后,作者开始着手预先制定自己的选举计划。


12.C 句意:我意识到得让女孩们了解我,并且认可我有能力代表她们。


13.C 上文所提到的我的优势“I loved making friends and I liked being helpful”与下文打算利用这些 人品构成因果关系。

所以选 so,意思是“因此”。

14.B 由下文的“public speaking”可知答案。

“election speech”(选举演讲)。

句意:为了学会在一个大型 的选举演讲中如何表现自己,我还攻读了高效公共演讲课程。

15.C 作者赢得选举,学生们应该为此欢呼以示高兴。


16.D 根据文意,这里表达的意思是选举的胜利不仅是作者的,也是他的朋友们的。

所以 D 项 also 符 合语境。

17.A 作者的本意只是在竞选中获胜,但获胜后作者突然意识到,除了实现了自己的梦想外,一路走来 他还结交了一些新朋友,帮助了些人,所以作者认为自己收获了比目标还要多的东西,所以选 accomplish,意 为“完成,实现”。

accumulate 积累;devote 奉献;develop 发展。

18.D along the way 意为“一路走来”。


19.C 14 空前的 election 是原词复现,这里重复参选的结果:赢得了选举。

语境:我已经在选举中获胜, 并赢得了校友们的关爱。

20.C 这里指作者通过这次经历,有了更多的自信,能够让他们快乐起来,让他们充满希望。

brighten 意 为“使增添乐趣,有希望”,符合语境。

Cloze 15 (湖北部分重点中学高三起点考试) You Are Going Places One day I came home from school,changed my clothes and got ready for work.I work at a local restaurant in town as a cashier,seater and waiter. I went to work,feeling 1 .And to make matters worse,I was busy that evening.It‟ s the same thing over and over again. 2 with customers who complain about their food and where they are 3 is too big or too small.Little things like that tend to 4 a lot of us 5 but we manage to deal with it. Three elderly ladies walked in and sat by the windows.It happened to be the very 6 near where I keep the dirty 7 in the boxes.Trying to keep up with all the dirty tables,customers leaving and coming in and 8 running all over the house,it was crazy. 9 these elderly women were watching 10 I was working to make sure every table was clean and ready for the next customers. When they 11 their meals,I took their plates back to the kitchen.They talked to me for a while about school,how I was doing,what 12 I was in and what I planned to do in the future.- 23 -

13 they were leaving,they walked past me and one of them said to me in a 14 and gentle voice,“You are going places.”And that was it.They left the 15 and I had tears in my eyes,because they gave me 16 to believe in myself.They 17 my spirit from being down and gave me a 18 to keep on working hard. People used to tell me that I couldn‟t have a career in 19 until I had a degree.I‟m now a co-anchor (联合主持人) of a student-produced television 20 .And the best thing is: I‟m only 17 years old and I am a senior in high school. 1.A.tired B.excited C.up D.down 2.A.Dealing B.Helping C.Talking D.Meeting 3.A.sat B.seated C.laid D.seating 4.A.attract B.avoid C.adjust D.annoy 5.A.employees B.customers C.bosses D.employers 6.A.table B.box C.spot D.kitchen 7.A.dishes B.rooms C.clothes D.chairs 8.A.men B.women C.servers D.people 9.A.And B.Otherwise C.But D.So 10.A.what B.how C.where D.why 11.A.finished B.completed C.ordered D.got 12.A.place B.grade C.mark D.position 13.A.Before B.While C.As D.After 14.A.confident B.loud C.low D.pleasant 15.A.kitchen B.house C.restaurant D.table 16.A.ability B.courage C.imagination D.time 17.A.put down B.picked up C.took over D.pointed out 18.A.cause B.reason C.present D.permission 19.A.television B.government C.school D.restaurant 20.A.company B.station C.show D.advertisement 语篇解读:作者是一位 17 岁的中学生,利用业余时间打工。

一天,在闷闷不乐打工的时候,一个人的一 句话使作者重燃希望。

那句话是:You Are Going Places(你前途无量)。

答案及剖析:1.D 我去上班的时候心情非常不好。

feeling down 是现在分词作伴随状语,意为“闷闷不 乐”。

倒数第二段的 They 17 my spirit from being down 也说明了该题答案。

该题易误选 A,排除方法 是无事实依据。

2.A 应付那些抱怨食物、座位等的顾客是大大小小的事情。

deal with 表示“对付”。

3.B 顾客抱怨他们就座的位置。

seat 是使役动词,表示“使坐下”,be seated 意为“坐下,就座”;sit 是不及 物动词,应为 where they sat。

4.D 诸如此类的小事容易造成我们雇员的烦恼。

annoy 表示“使生气”。

因为作者前面提到了顾客的 种种抱怨,因此只能导致雇员的烦恼、生气。

5.A 空缺前的 us 和下文的 we 给答案做了提示。

employees 表示“受雇者,雇工”。

6.C 他们碰巧坐在我存放着脏盘子的箱子附近的地方。

spot 表示“地方,地点”。

根据后面的 where I keep the dirty 7 in the boxes 排除 B 项;不可能把脏盘子放在客人用餐的桌子上,故排除 A;kitchen 不会 与客人用餐的地方处于同一个位置,故排除 D。

7.A the dirty dishes 指客人用过的盘子。

因为作者是在餐厅打工的学生,所以“端盘子”才能与文章主 题相符。

8.C 顾客们的进进出出、服务人员的穿梭走动。


9.C 虽然餐馆处于一片忙乱的状态,但是这三位妇女在专心地看着我。

该空前的 crazy 及第三段末尾 给出了暗示。

10.B 注视我为了确保每张桌子是干净的,准备迎接下一批顾客,是如何工作的。

【技巧点拨】 此题考查关联词。

首先要根据句子要表达的意义、词的用法来判断,其次要有很好的- 24 -


11.A 她们吃完饭的时候。

根据下文的 I took their plates back to the kitchen 排除 C、D 选项;complete 往往用于完成“建筑工程”“书籍”等;而 finish 用作完成手中的事情,如:“用完”“吃完”等。

12.B grade 表示“年级”。



13.C 当她们离开的时候,走过我身边。

as 引导时间状语从句时,表示主从句的动作同时发生。

14.A 她们从我身边走过时 , 有一个人用自信、温和的语调对我说 …… 由下文的 You are going places.(你前途无量)推测说话者语气。

因为说话人在鼓励作者,所以只有 A 项符合语境。

【技巧点拨】 根据下文的情景,也就是说话人的语气,我们可以推断出正确的选项。

15.C 客人说完后就离开了餐馆。

由下文知道,they 指 three elderly ladies,她们来餐馆用餐。

16.B 根据文意可知,别人给予了作者“勇气”,作者才得以重新振作起来。

17.B 她们让我振作起来。

pick up 表示“使恢复”。

18.B 她们给了我继续努力的理由。

reason 表示某种行为的理由;cause 表示某种现象的原因。

19.A 有人曾经告诉我,没有学位,我就不能从事电视台的工作。

下文的 I‟m now a co-anchor(联合主 持人)of a student-produced television 20 .暗示这里的答案。

20.C a student-produced television show 表示学生制作的电视节目。

show 表示“(电视)节目”。

Cloze 16 (北京师大附中高三检测) It was my first day to Miss Hargrove‟s seventh grade.Past“newcomer” experiences had been difficult,so I was very 1 to fit in.After being introduced to the class,I bravely put on a smile and took my seat. Lunchtime was a pleasant surprise when the girls all crowded around my table.They were friendly,so I began to 2 .My new classmates told me about the school,the teachers and the other kids.They 3 out the class nerd (书呆子) to me: Mary Lou.She was a pretty girl with dark eyes and olive skin, 4 she wore a long woolen skirt and an old-fashioned blouse.She looked stupid.The girls whispered and giggled 5 Mary Lou walked by.She ate alone. After school,the girls invited me to 6 them in front of the school.I was thrilled to be a(n) 7 of the club.We waited.For what,I didn‟t know.Then Mary Lou came down the school steps.The girls started making fun of her,shouting rudely,biting comments.I 8 ,then joined right in.Mean remarks fell from my 9 .No one could 10 I‟d never done this before.The other girls stepped back and started cheering for me.Feeling 11 ,I pulled on her backpack and then pushed her.Her backpack broke,Mary Lou fell and I backed off.Everyone was laughing.I 12 in.I was a leader. I was not proud.Something inside me 13 .If you‟ve ever picked a wing off a butterfly,you know how I felt. Mary Lou got up, 14 her books and left without a tear or saying anything.She held her head 15 as blood ran down from her knee.I 16 her limp away down the street. I turned to leave with my 17 friends and noticed a man standing beside his car.He must have been Mary Lou‟s father—he had the same olive skin,dark hair and handsome look.He remained still and watched the 18 girl walk toward him.Only his eyes shining with both sadness and pride followed.As I passed,he looked at me in silence with burning tears that reminded me of my 19 . Mary Lou‟s father‟s eyes taught me a good lesson that day.I never again hurt someone for my ow n 20 . 1.A.anxious B.excited C.eager D.afraid 2.A.talk B.hesitate C.relax D.suspect 3.A.picked B.pointed C.worked D.found 4.A.because B.so C.and D.but 5.A.as B.before C.after D.since 6.A.consult B.fight C.support D.join 7.A.leader B.member C.assistant D.organizer 8.A.paused B.refused C.hurried D.escaped- 25 -

9.A.eyes B.heart C.lips D.mind 10.A.tell B.say C.report D.announce 11.A.ashamed B.guilty C.encouraged D.powerful 12.A.turned B.went C.took D.fitted 13.A.sank B.hurt C.touched D.screamed 14.A.tore B.closed C.gathered D.grasped 15.A.cautiously B.casually C.low D.high 16.A.watched B.noticed C.glared D.glanced 17.A.caring B.laughing C.puzzling D.satisfying 18.A.silly B.only C.lonely D.friendly 19.A.pain B.pity C.weakness D.shame 20.A.loss B.gain C.effort D.duty 语篇解读:别人的推波助澜让作者忘乎所以,无缘无故地去伤害一个无辜的女孩。

事后,作者非常内疚, 尤其是女孩父亲的那一双眼睛,让作者羞愧难当。

答案及剖析:1.A 本句前半部分提到以往 “新生”的经历很艰难 ,由此可推测作者对于融入这个新集 体很“担心”。

2.C 结合本段第一句中的内容以及本句前半部分的内容可知作者消除了紧张心理 , 开始“放松 ”起 来。

3.B 她们“指着”班上那个书呆子,向作者介绍她的情况。

4.D 她是一个漂亮的女孩 ,黑色的眼睛,橄榄色的皮肤,“但是”她穿着一条长长的羊毛裙和一件老式 的衬衫,很不协调。

5.A 当她走过的时候,她们窃窃私语,咯咯地笑。

此处 as 表示“当……的时候”。

6.D 放学后,她们邀请作者在学校前面“加入”她们的行列。

join sb.表示“加入某人;和某人在一起”。

【技巧点拨】 词汇搭配方面的考查在完形填空题中是很常见的,此题中 join sb.意为“加入某人的行 列”,为固定搭配,而且符合语境。

7.B 作者受邀加入她们的行列,成为了其中的一“员”,受宠若惊,非常激动。

8.A 由上一句提到她们用粗鲁的语言辱骂 Mary Lou 和本句后半部分可知作者“停顿”了一下,然后 立刻参与进去。

9.C 作者和那些女孩一起对 Mary Lou 进行语言攻击,所以是“嘴唇”中说出刻薄的话语。

10.A 作者辱骂 Mary Lou,再结合下一句的内容可知没有人能够“看出”作者以前从来没有做过这样 的事情。

tell 表示“知道,看出,确切地判断”。

11.C 上一句提到她们退到后面并开始为作者加油 ,再结合本句的内容可知作者备受 “鼓舞”,开始有 了进一步的过激行为。

12.D 作者起初只是普通一员,如今赢得了她们的认可,成为了领头人,由此可知作者“适应”了新的集 体。

此外,第 1 空后面的“to fit in”已提示。

【技巧点拨】 此题可运用顺势承接法。

在某些空缺前有时会或多或少地出现设空的依据,考生可根 据这些提示顺势进行判断和推测。

13.B 上一句提到作者并不为此感到骄傲,再结合下一句的内容可知作者的心在“痛”。

14.C 她从地上起来,收拾好她的书,一言不发地离开了,没有流一滴眼泪。

15.D 结合上一句中 Mary Lou 的表现以及下一段中提到的 Mary Lou 的父亲眼睛中流露出的自豪可 知尽管她的膝盖流着血,她依然“高”昂着头。

16.A 作者“注视”着她一瘸一拐地沿着街道走开了。

17.B 根据第 12 空前面的 Everyone was laughing.可知作者此时转过身去和这些大笑的女生一起离 开。

18.C 上文提到作者和那些女生一起辱骂 Mary Lou,由此可知 Mary Lou 孤身一人承受众人的攻击, 所以她孤独地走向她的父亲。

19.D 根据下段的内容可知 Mary Lou 的父亲的泪水让作者感到“羞愧”。

20.B 他的眼睛给作者一个很好的教训 ,从此以后,作者再也没有为了自己的 “利益”而去做伤害别人- 26 -


【疑难词汇解读】 1.experience n.经验,实践[U](+of/in)vt.经历;体验 She had no experience of life at all.她毫无生活经验。

The city experienced over 2,000 such incidents last year. 去年这座城市发生过二千次以上这类事件。

2.remain vi 剩下,遗留;(人)留下,逗留;留待,尚待(+to do) A few pears remain on the trees. 树上尚留有几个梨。

She remained in her office all afternoon. 她整个下午没有离开办公室。

Several problems remain to be solved. 有好几个问题尚待解决。

2011 年模拟题 Cloze 17 (山东青岛月考) Some years ago when I was in my first year in college,I heard Salome Bey sing for the first time.The moment was exciting.Salome‟s 1 filled the room and brought the theater to life.I was so 2 that I decided to write an article about her. I 3 Salome Bey,telling her I was from Essence magazine,and that I wanted to meet her to talk about her career.She 4 and told me to come to her studio next Tuesday.When I hung up,I was scared out of my mind.I 5 I was lying.I was not a writer at all and hadn‟t even written a grocery list. I interviewed Salome Bey the next Tuesday.I sat there 6 ,taking notes and asking questions that all began with,“Can you tell me...”I soon realized that 7 Salome Bey was one thing,but writing a story for a national magazine was just impossible.The 8 was almost unbearable.I struggled for days 9 draft after draft.Finally I put my manuscript(手稿)into a large envelope and dropped it into a mailbox. It didn‟t take long.My manuscript 10 .How stupid of me!I thought.How could I 11 in a world of professional writers?Knowing I couldn‟t 12 the rejection letter,I threw the unopened envelope into a drawer.Five years later,I was moving to California.While 13 my apartment,I came across the unopened envelope.This time I opened it and read the editor‟s letter in 14 : Dear Ms Profit, Your story on Salome Bey is fantastic,yet we need some 15 materials.Please add those and return the article immediately.We would like to 16 your story soon. Shocked,it took me a long time to 17 .Fear of rejection cost me dearly.I lost at least five hundred dollars and the chance of having my article appear in a major magazine.More importantly,I lost years of 18 writing.Today,I have become a full-time writer.Looking back on this 19 ,I learned a very important lesson:You can‟t 20 to doubt yourself. 1.A.joy B.voice C.speech D.smile 2.A.proud B.active C.satisfied D.moved 3.A.visited B.emailed C.phoned D.interviewed 4.A.agreed B.refused C.hesitated D.paused 5.A.replied B.discovered C.explained D.knew 6.A.seriously B.patiently C.nervously D.quietly 7.A.blaming B.fooling C.inviting D.urging 8.A.sorrow B.failure C.comment D.pressure 9.A.with B.by C.on D.in 10.A.disappearedB.returned C.spread D.improved 11.A.compare B.quarrel C.defeat D.compete- 27 -

12.A.ignore B.deliver C.face D.receive 13.A.decorating B.repairing C.cleaning D.leaving 14.A.disbelief B.anxiety C.horror D.trouble 15.A.subjective B.relevant C.private D.reliable 16.A.broadcast B.create C.publish D.assess 17.A.recover B.prepare C.escape D.concentrate 18.A.energetic B.endless C.typical D.enjoyable 19.A.experience B.success C.benefit D.accident 20.A.attempt B.afford C.expect D.pretend 语篇解读:当作者第一次听到 Salome Bey 唱歌时非常兴奋,便声称自己是一家杂志的记者对她进行了 采访,多次修改后把稿子寄了出去,但作者并没有在意杂志社的回复。

几年后整理物品时,读了那封回信,作 者后悔不已,感慨万千。

答案及剖析:1.B 根据上文中的 sing 可知,她的声音(voice)充满了房间。

2.D 句意:我被深深地打动了,以至于我决定为她写一篇文章。

【技巧点拨】 要做对本题,关键是要把握 move 的多层含意,因为它不仅有“搬家;移动”之意,还有“感 动,打动”的用法。


3.C 句意:我给 Salome Bey 打电话(phoned),告诉她……visit 拜访;email 给……发电子邮件;interview 采访。

根据语境及下文的 hung up 可知 C 项正确。

4.A 根据下文的 and told me to come to her studio 可知,她同意(agreed)了。

5.D 作者自己知道(knew)是在撒谎。

reply 回答;discover 发现;explain 解释。

6.C 因为从未进行过采访,所以很紧张(nervously)。

seriously 严肃地,认真地;patiently 耐心地;quietly 安静地。

7.B 句意:我很快意识到:愚弄 Salome Bey 是一回事,而给一家国家级的杂志写报道是完全不可能的。

blame 指责;invite 邀请;urge 敦促。

8.D 句意:那个压力(pressure)几乎是无法承受的。

sorrow 悲伤;failure 失败;comment 评论。

9.A 句意:好多天我一直一遍一遍地写草稿。


10.B 根据下文可知:我的手稿被退了回来(returned)。

disappear 消失;spread 传播;improve 改进。

11.D 句意:我怎么能在一个职业作家的世界里竞争(compete)呢?compare 对比;quarrel 吵架;defeat 打 败。

12.C 句意:知道我无法面对(face)那封回绝信……ignore 忽视;deliver 递送;receive 接收,得到。

13.C 搬家时自然要清理(cleaning)房间。

decorate 装饰;repair 修理;leave 离开,这三项均与语境不符。

【技巧点拨】 此题的设置充分揭示了语境理解的重要性。

由上句的“I was moving to California”可知 作者要搬家,那么搬家时“清理”房间是必不可少的。

14.A in disbelief 怀疑地,不相信地,为固定搭配。

in anxiety 焦虑地;in horror 恐惧地;in trouble 处于麻 烦之中。

15.B 我们需要一些相关的(relevant)材料。

subjective 主观的;private 私人的;reliable 可靠的。

16.C 根据语境可知此处为:我们想尽快出版(publish)你的报道,而不会是 broadcast(广播)、create(创 造)、assess(评估)。

17.A 句意:很吃惊,过了好久我才缓过来/恢复过来(recover)。

prepare 准备;escape 逃跑;concentrate 集 中精力。

18.D 句意 : 更重要的是 , 我失去了几年的这种有趣的 (enjoyable) 写作时光。

energetic 精力充沛 的;endless 无休止的;typical 典型的。

19.A 句意:回首这次经历(experience)……success 成功;benefit 利益,好处;accident 事故。

20.B 你担当不起怀疑自己。

afford 负担得起;attempt 尝试;expect 期望,料想;pretend 假装。

【疑难词汇解读】 1.come across 偶遇,偶然发现 I came across some old photos in the attic. 我在阁楼上偶然发现了一些老照片。

- 28 -

2.immediately adv.即刻,马上 conj.一……就…… Make sure the property you are buying is insured immediately you exchange contracts. 一交换合同,就应立刻给所购房产买保险。

Cloze 18 (烟台调研考试) Last night I was driving from Harrisburg to Lewisburg,a 1 of about eighty miles.It was late and I was in a hurry.However,if anyone asked me how fast I was 2 ,I‟d say I was not over-speeding.Several times I got 3 behind a slow-moving truck on a narrow road,and I was holding my fists tightly with 4 . At one point along an open highway,I 5 a crossroads with a traffic light.I was alone on the road by now,but as I 6 the light,it turned red and I braked to a stop.I looked left,right and behind me.Nothing.No cars,no suggestion of headlights,but there I sat,waiting for the light to 7 ,the only human being for at least a mile in any 8 . I started 9 why I refused to run the light.I was not afraid of being 10 ,because there was obviously no policeman around,and there certainly would have been no 11 in going through it. Much later that night,after I 12 a group of my friends in Lewisburg and climbed into bed near midnight,the question of why I had stopped for that light 13 me.I think I stopped because it‟s part of a contract (合同) we all have with each other.It‟s not only the 14 ,but it‟s an arrangement we have,and we trust each other to 15 it:we don‟t go through red lights.Like most of us,I‟m more likely to be 16 from doing something bad by the social convention that 17 it than by any law against it. It‟s amazing that we ever 18 each other to do the right thing,isn‟t it?And we do,too.Trust is our 19 preference. I was so 20 of myself for stopping for the red light that night. 1.A.flight B.distance C.road D.length 2.A.thinking B.driving C.complaining D.running 3.A.stopped B.changed C.stuck D.lost 4.A.horror B.strength C.understanding D.impatience 5.A.ran off B.came to C.passed by D.left behind 6.A.passed B.watched C.approached D.found 7.A.stop B.change C.turn D.die 8.A.way B.side C.city D.direction 9.A.wondering B.suspecting C.struggling D.regretting 10.A.abused B.fined C.injured D.killed 11.A.danger B.sign C.time D.record 12.A.met with B.got over C.got rid of D.called back 13.A.turned out to B.came back to C.referred to D.occurred to 14.A.virtue B.suggestion C.law D.order 15.A.honor B.solve C.break D.judge 16.A.stopped B.protected C.rejected D.frightened 17.A.speaks of B.stands by C.takes in D.disapproves of 18.A.suspect B.trust C.teach D.care 19.A.only B.first C.lucky D.living 20.A.sorry B.doubtful C.sure D.proud 语篇解读:夜晚作者开着车匆匆忙忙地赶往目的地,但在经过一个四周无人的十字路口时,他却没有闯 红灯。

之后,作者对自己的这一行为进行了一番思考…… 答案及剖析:1.B flight“飞行”;distance“距离”;road“道路”;length“长度”。

Harrisburg 和 Lewisburg 两个 地方之间的“距离(distance)”大约是八十英里。

2.B think“考虑”;drive“开车”;complain“抱怨”;run“跑”。

本段开头部分提到作者当时开车行驶在两地 之间,所以此处描述的是“开车”的速度。

- 29 -

3.C get stopped“被挡住”;get changed“被改变”;get stuck“被困住”;get lost“迷路”。

在一条狭窄的道路 上,作者好几次被前面的一辆行驶缓慢的卡车“困住”了,即无法超车。

4.D horror“恐惧”;strength“力气”;understanding“理解”;impatience“不耐烦”。

根据本段第二句中的内 容可知作者当时急于赶路,所以非常“不耐烦地”握紧了拳头。

5.B run off“跑掉”;come to“来到,涉及到”;pass by“经过”;leave behind“落后”。

在一条开阔的公路上, 作者“来到(came to)”了一个有交通灯的十字路口。

6.C pass“过去”;watch“观看”;approach“靠近,接近”;find“发现”。

当作者“靠近(approached)”交通灯时, 灯变成了红色,作者于是踩了刹车。

【技巧点拨】 要做对本题,准确把握上下文信息是解题的关键。

7.B stop“停止”;change“改变”;turn“转变”;die“死”。

作者坐在那里,一直等待着交通灯“变成”绿色以便 通行。

【技巧点拨】 本题容易误选 turn,由文章信息...but there I sat,waiting for the light to 7 可知作者在 等交通信号灯……,若选 C 项,应接表颜色的词。

8.D 上文提到作者环顾左右和后面,但是空无一人,由此可知作者是至少一英里之内任何一个“方向” 中唯一的一个人。

9.A wonder“想知道”;suspect“怀疑”;struggle“挣扎”;regret“后悔”。

虽然当时四周没有一个人,可是作 者没有闯红灯,作者开始“想知道”自己这样做的原因。

10.B abuse“滥用”;fine“罚款”;injure“伤害”;kill“杀害”。


11.A danger“危险”;sign“符号”;time“时间”;record“记录”。

由于当时周围没有人 ,闯红灯当然不会有 “危险”。

12.A meet with“会见”;get over“克服”;get rid of“除掉”;call back“回电话”。

由下文的“...climbed into bed near midnight”可知作者回家很晚,从而可推知作者一定是“会见”朋友而且玩到很晚。

13.B turn out to“证明是;结果是”;come back to“回到;回想起”;refer to“提到”;occur to sb.“某人想到”。


14.C virtue“美德”;suggestion“建议”;law“法律”;order“命令”。

作者认为自己之所以停下来是因为这 是我们所有人彼此之间的合同的一部分,它不仅仅是“法律”,而且是我们共同的一种安排。

此外,第 17 空后 面的 law 也是线索提示。

15.A honor“信守;执行”;solve“解决”;break“违反”;judge“判断”。

我们彼此信任对方会 “执行”这种安 排:我们不闯红灯。

16.A stop“使停止”;protect“保护”;reject“拒绝”;frighten“恐吓;吓唬”。

像我们中的大多数人一样,与被 法律禁止的事情相比,作者更可能“停止”做被社会常规认为是不好的事情。

17.D speak of“谈到”;stand by“站在旁边;支持”;take in“吸收;领会”;disapprove of“不赞成”。

与被法律 禁止的事情相比,作者更不可能做社会常规“不赞成”的事情。

18.B suspect“怀疑”;trust“信任”;teach“教”;care“在乎”。

我们曾经彼此“信任”对方去做正确的事情,这 非常令人惊奇,不是吗?此外,第 15 空前面的部分以及第 19 空前面的部分都是线索提示。

19.B 作者强调的是彼此之间应该互相信任,这是“首先”需要做到的事情。

20.D sorry“抱歉的”;doubtful“怀疑的”;sure“确信的”;proud“骄傲的,自豪的”。

作者通过深思感悟到当 时的行为非常正确,因此为那天晚上没有闯红灯感到无比“自豪”。

【疑难词汇解读】 1.honor 信守;执行 We demand that they honor this contract. 我们要求他们执行这份合同。

2.stop...from doing...阻止……做…… We are stopped by the heavy rain from holding the sports meet.大雨使得我们没能开运动会。

【长难句子分析】 错误!未找到引用源。



- 30 -


Cloze 19 (北京东城区统一检测) It was a cold winter morning.Half asleep at the train station,I stared into the distance, 1 for the train to take me to my 2 in Boston.The world was quiet.The very few people in the street kept to themselves, 3 their steaming cups of coffee. Reaching into my pocket as the 4 was approaching,my numb hand searched for the $20 bill to pay my fare.The pocket was 5 !I searched through my bag and then I felt 6 .Unless the money dropped from the sky,I‟d be 7 there. “What‟s the matter?”A short,elderly man stood before me. “Oh,nothing...Well,I 8 my money and now I can‟t pay for the ticket.I‟m going to 9 my math class and the train is leaving.” “Here,use this.” The man held a $20 bill.I looked up, 10 .People just didn‟t do that anymore.Everyone worried about their own 11 ,rarely stopping to think about others,especially teenage strangers. “Thank you,but no,I can‟t.” “ 12 it—go!”The man pushed me 13 the train.I bought a round-trip ticket,and he refused the change I 14 to give him back.I did not know what to say—a million thoughts raced through my mind,yet I stood 15 . For the train ride I was silent.I began to see the world through 16 eyes.That man made a difference with such a simple 17 . A week later I was at the train station again,with an extra $20 18 I saw the man.And there he was. “Excuse me,sir,I believe I owe you this.”I 19 the money into his hand. Failing to refuse,he said,“Just remember to do the same for someone in your shoes someday.”I smiled,content. The elderly man is my hero.For many,heroes are famous,but my hero is a(n) 20 stranger who taught me a lesson in life.I will never forget his kindness. 1.A.watching B.looking C.reaching D.arranging 2.A.home B.class C.office D.factory 3.A.serving B.carrying C.minding D.making 4.A.chance B.crowd C.driver D.train 5.A.deep B.empty C.messy D.tight 6.A.hopeless B.useless C.relieved D.dissatisfied 7.A.blocked B.drawn C.stuck D.tied 8.A.wasted B.counted C.spent D.lost 9.A.miss B.skip C.fail D.stop 10.A.frightened B.disturbed C.surprised D.concerned 11.A.problems B.complaints C.positions D.challenges 12.A.Seize B.Get C.Catch D.Take 13.A.in B.beyond C.toward D.on 14.A.offered B.managed C.happened D.attempted 15.A.unconsciously B.silently C.seriously D.uncomfortably 16.A.curious B.changed C.bright D.widened 17.A.task B.act C.example D.performance 18.A.so that B.even if C.now that D.in case- 31 -

19.A.dropped B.pushed C.pressed D.placed 20.A.giving B.encouraging C.promising D.respecting 语篇解读:作者在火车站准备乘火车,可是临上火车时却发现身无分文,无法买票了。

就在他不知道该 怎么办时,一位老人看出了他的麻烦,递给他二十美元,解决了他的燃眉之急。

答案及剖析:1.A watch for“观察等候”;look for“寻找”;reach for“伸手去够”;arrange for“安排”。

根据 “...to take me to...”可知,只有 A 项符合,即作者在观察等候火车。

2.B 根据第 9 空后面的 my math class 可知,这里应该选 B。

3.C serve“服务”;carry“携带”;mind“在意,关注”;make“制造”。

街上少有的几个人,他们只关注自己手 头冒着热气的咖啡。

【技巧点拨】 本题容易误选 serve,要做对本题,就要充分把握语境。

4.D 作者掏钱买票是因为“火车”快到了。

5.B 根据下文内容可知,作者在口袋里怎么也找不到钱,因此这里选 empty,即他的口袋空空如也,没 有钱了。

6.A hopeless“无望的”;useless“无用的”;relieved“缓和的”;dissatisfied“不满意的”。

因为作者要去上课, 而且火车也到站了,可就在这时他发现自己没钱乘火车了,由此可知他当时感到很无望(hopeless)。

7.C block“ 堵塞 ”;draw“ 吸引 ”;stuck“ 困 (于 ), 陷 ( 于 )”;tie“ 系 ” 。

根据文章内容可知 , 只有 C 项符合语 境,be/get stuck“被困在某种境况之中”,即由于没有钱,作者要被困在车站了。

8.D waste“浪费”;count“数”;spend“花费”;lose“丢失”。


9.A miss“错过”,我要错过自己要去上的数学课了。


10.C frightened“吓坏了的”;disturbed“心烦意乱的”;surprised“惊奇的”;concerned“担心的”。

我对老人 的突然帮助,感到很惊讶(surprised)。

11.A problem“问题”;complaint“抱怨”;position“位置;职位”;challenge“挑战”。

当老人帮助我时,我想到 的是,没有什么人还会像老人这样做,人们都只会想着自己的问题(problems),很少为别人考虑,尤其是对(像 我这样的)陌生少年。

12.D take it 意思是“拿去吧”。

老人让我把那 20 美元拿去乘车。

13.C 老人推着我向(toward)火车走去。

14.D offer to“主动提供”;manage to“成功做到”;happen to“碰巧”;attempt to“试图……”。

根据语境可 知 D 项正确。


【技巧点拨】 本题中应准确把握 manage to 与 attempt to 的本质区别。

15.B unconsciously“无意识地”;silently“默默地”;seriously“严重地”;uncomfortably“不舒服地”。

根据 前面的 a million thoughts raced through my mind 和 yet 可知 B 项正确,即我有很多(感激的)话想对老人说, 但是却站在那里什么也没有说(silently)。

16.B curious“ 好奇的 ”;changed“ 改变的 ”;bright“ 明亮的 ”;widened“ 放宽的 ” 。

我开始以一种改变的 (changed)眼光看世界。


而在老人给我帮助之后,我改变了 这个看法。

所以 B 项符合语境。

17.B task“任务”;act“行动”;example“榜样”;performance“表演”。

老人通过自己简单的行动(act)改变了 我。

18.D so that“以便;因此”;even if“即使”;now that“既然”;in case“以防万一”。

一周后我又到了火车站, 身上多带了 20 美元,如果见到那位老人,就将钱还给他。

由此可知 D 项符合语境。

19.C drop“使落下”;push“推”;place“放下”。

press sth. into sth.“将某物按入、 塞入……”,这里表示将钱 塞到老人的手里。

【技巧点拨】 本题容易误选 push。


20.A give“给予”;encourage“鼓励”;promise“许诺”;respect“尊重”。

老人是一位给予别人帮助的陌生 人 。

【疑难词汇解读】 1.half asleep 似睡非睡;半睡半醒 When he was half asleep,he seemed to hear a knock on the door.似睡非睡的时候,他似乎听到敲门声。

2.race through 匆忙穿过;匆忙做……- 32 -

Don‟t race through the list like that. 不要像那样匆忙地念名单。

- 33 -


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